You Are Only Confined By The Walls You Build Yourself

As we mature we get a better understanding of what really matters in life and that’s us, me… YOU.

We work so hard for promotions, titles and accolades but at the end of the day are we truly happy with our lives. Do we take time out to do the things we love and focus on being complete individuals not just mentally but physically too? I started weight lifting when I was in high school, over twenty years ago and realized the importance of taking care of myself at an early age. My mother was diagnosed with Cancer when I was 15 years old.

She was given just several months to live and told that the Cancer was so far along that chemotherapy would not help. She altered her eating and turned to what we would call a health nut but it all made sense. She couldn’t eat how she was eating and expect a change. Refusing to quit, she sought out alternative methods and began a journey that not only transformed her but me as well. within two months of her lifestyle stage, she was re-checked and there was no sign of cancer. I believe 100% that her cure came as a result of organic eating, juicing, cleansing and exercise. Now it took a lot of work and discipline but within a two months she was healed. From that moment on I knew I needed to change my lifestyle.

If you want what others have, you have to do what others do. It may not come over night but your health matters. We’ve become slaves to the workforce and have let our families sink along without health. I challenge you to make time for your health. I’m not saying that you have to go to my mothers extreme but start off with just walking 20 minutes a day or maybe try cutting out sodas. We are all a work in progress but we need to understand that we were created to live life in abundance and living with the help of medications is not really living. True enough some sickness are hereditary but some are within are control. Begin today! Break down the walls of confinement and see what your capable.

The sky is the limit!

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Joanna Pope

Joanna Pope is a columnist for our fitness and nutrition column "Total Women- From the inside out". She assists her husband at 'Life on the Horizon Ministries Church' in Orlando, Fl. She is a Certified Personal Trainer and Judge with the National Physique Committee. She went from being an overweight yo-yo dieter to fully breaking her sugar addiction from comfort foods and has become a Professional Fitness Champion. Her testimony of professing God's transforming word over her life, is what she eagerly shares with her readers. This newly emerged Joanna states "My goal is to inspire and motivate my readers to live a life that Glorifies God by taking care of His temple. Let the journey begin today!" Her column 'Total U' is amongst the many great columns here at Shulamite Women Online Magazine. Her readers gain first hand professional and biblical knowledge into how God reconstructs us from the inside out.

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