Walk Bravely Towards Your Destiny

 I asked God, “what can I offer to the woman who is seeking His face for more?”

While I was preparing to write this article I asked God, “what can I offer to the woman who is seeking His face for more?” The one that has been torn for so long that she feels her life is over although she is still living. Maybe the one that has compromised her life for others never really realizing who she is and God whispered to me, “Offer them you.” I have truly lived these statements and more. I had to learn how to look at myself differentlyin order to move forward. This is what I’d like to offer you.

There are so many that have gone year to year without seeing goals met and happiness fulfilled. Secretly, you feel that your life is not important. Even with the help and advise you offer and wisdom you hold, you are selling yourself short and settling for what is given to you.

There is a woman in the Bible that reminds us of that. There was a woman in Samaria (John 4) who found her comfort zone at a local water well in many ways that was not good for her image. When asked her questions about life, God and religion, she had all the answers from what she saw, heard, and learned from within her society. The major problem was that she did not know how to apply the knowledge to her personal life because she secretly felt unworthy. Jesus made a special visit to her to allow her to see what had been waiting for her and pushed her into living in her purpose; not only with the knowledge but with a major testimony.

 Jesus wants to remind you that you are important and wants you to see yourself in the manner which he sees you; so that you can be healed, empowered, and equipped to help someone else.

When you begin to walk bravely into that place in life, you will begin to truly live the abundant life promised to you! It is not easy to let go of the places of comfort that seem to hide us from what we fear the most. The truth is that we are not hiding; we are not really living. When you decide to take that first step out of hiding you will then see those questions answered and realize the meaning of your existence.

There is a reason why God allows us another day on earth. Every breath we take comes with a price attached already paid for us. Take it and make them matter by trusting God to move forward walking in His truth and love.

Take your life and run with your mind made up that you must have
everything that God has promised you!

If you started this year with a list of things to do and have not fully accomplished them, don’t worry. Add this powerful affirmation to your list.  “I am predestined for power because I am made in the image of I AM.”  Take your life and run with your mind made up that you must have everything that God has promised you!

My prayer is that God’s blessings and favor meet you during this season and that you walk into this New Year a new being ready to take over your space!

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Karen Donald

Dr. Karen L. Donald is truly a woman of personal victory. As a trainer, International Speaker and 20 years of Multimedia experience, she has offered cutting edge training and coaching across the globe. She has been most demanded as a life coach for business, sales teams and personal development, which focuses on workshops for the total man. She is a survivor of different forms of abuse, which is her message and medicine for empowerment and emotional healing.Her future goals include the launching of a new Professional Development Program that aims to rain those who work with the “At Risk” population. She is passionate about community services, and firmly believes that anyone who works with families should be aware of ways to help others, with respect. Her words of encouragement to all are that “everyday you live is a second chance at life! For booking and information regarding Dr. Karen’s appearances, email today at drkaren@karenldonald.com

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