Todd Dulaney – Your Great Name

Your Great Name!

YESSSSSSSSS, something happens when we call on the name of Jesus. Can you feel it Believers, there is a stirring in the atmosphere.  The spirit of God is recharging us through the electrifying sounds of anointed music.  Our praise and worships is going higher and higher as the fragrance and essence of our love for our Abba Father is echoed as noted … “When I think of all the ways you have made I fall in Love again”.

This former baseball player, Todd Dulaney hits a home run and the masses shout, “Your Great Name” in his new album released January 2018.  The worshippers heart of Todd Dulaney is live!

Once again, he brings us into a worship experience with our heavenly father. From the beginning the atmosphere is set as the presence of God is invited in through prayer led by Pastor John Hannah and listeners are ushered into the worship experience.

The album features song that will bless you, listen to …“You Stand Forever”; King of Glory featuring Shana Wilson-Williams; and this album also brings back a staple message from his 2013 album, “Pulling me Through”.  The Album is available on itunes, Amazon:

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Arlene Connelly

Arlene L. Connelly- is the President of ISEE GROUP, LLC, an International Human Development Corporation, providing Training, Consultation and Leadership Development; focused on Igniting in individuals the Spirit to Excel in Excellence. Arlene L. Connelly has dedicated over 25 years in Human Services providing executive leadership, management, supervisory and administrative experiences in non-profit and higher education; serving adults, at-risk youth and underserved populations - developing, managing and evaluating programs. She is a Certified John Maxwell Speaker/Trainer & Coach; Organizational and Leadership Development Professional; Life Enrichment Strategist; Career and Family Strengthening Coach; Healthy Relationships & Positive Youth Development Specialist, and Writer. Driven, focused and steadfast in her walk with God, she has transformed pain into triumph and adversity into opportunity. A sought-after speaker who is not afraid to, “Tell It Like It Is”, she is committed to motivating, coaching, and inspiring youth, adults and groups to assume their power, position and promise. Arlene is a mother to a beautiful daughter and a guiding light to countless people seeking mentoring, guidance, and love.

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