The Real Deal: Prophetess Cynthia Thompson Talks Prophecy, Preparation, & Purity

In a world of fakes, phonies, and misdirected “oracles,” one wants to scream, “Would the real prophets please stand up?” Well we’ve got Prophetess Cynthia Thompson, a true oracle of God, with us and her accuracy, purity, and heart for God is second to none.

ShualmiteWomen-Nov2012-Prophetess-Cynthia-ThompsonThe Call
Founder of Eternal Change Ministries, Co-Pastor of Jesus People Proclaim International Ministries Church with her husband, former NBA star Billy Thompson, and the Publisher of Woman You Will! Magazine, Prophetess Cynthia certainly has the call of God on her life.    

About 23 years ago, Cynthia was a young woman with a budding music career, but God had other plans.  Shortly after relocating to New York, God visited her and called her back home.  

“You’re going home,” He said.  “And you go to this church and when you get there, I’ll meet you.”

And boy did He!  Prophetess Cynthia went to that church and had another visitation from God.  She remembers it like was yesterday.

I had an out of body experience.  I was standing up against a wall.  Didn’t know how long the wall was; where it was or where it began.  I heard trumpets blowing in my ear.  And then I heard a Voice say, “This is the end of the road for you if you don’t give your life to Me today!  You’re going to be dead!”

Talk about a wake-up call!   The young woman was “lost, broken, and damaged,” but a woman behind her, “full of God,” discerned her hurt, tapped her on the shoulder, and asked if she wanted to give her life to Christ.  She did and she’s been growing in God ever since.

Prophetic Flow
Shortly after giving her life to Christ, Cynthia was informed by a pastor at her church that she had the “prophetic call of God” on her life although she didn’t know what that meant.  But she would soon find out.  In 1993, a prophetess came to speak at her church and the moment she mounted the pulpit, God told Cynthia, “That’s your mentor.”

From then on, Prophetess Cynthia—still not referring to herself as a prophet—began to learn.  She submitted herself to her leadership and husband.  She never tried to override them, but instead allowed God to prove His call through her and when the time came, she was licensed and released into prophetic ministry.  

And the Lord did not allow her any formal training.

The Lord said He didn’t want me to go to school because He didn’t want anyone to put their hands on my life; to be able to say they did it.

This was the process God chose to put Cynthia Thompson through.  So in the midst of being a young mother with a budding family, she learned on her face at home.  Soon, she had words of knowledge for people at the supermarkets, at the gas stations, etc.  The Lord was slowly, but surely establishing her as a prophet and teacher of prophets.  

Prophetic Schooling
Prophetess Cynthia has a School of Prophets for those called to this specific ministry as well as those who would simply like to learn more about it.  The Lord commissioned her in no uncertain terms.

If Harry Potter can raise children up and teach them how to be witches, I call you to teach them how to be prophets.

Powerful!  The School of Prophets under the covering of Eternal Change Ministries, teaches several prophetic types:

•    Prophets (or Oracles; those who hear what God is saying)
•    Seers (those who see what God is saying)
•    Dreamers (including those who have visions)
•    Psalmists (singers and musicians; worshipers)
•    Apostles (builders and pioneers in the Kingdom)

All these and more are branches of the prophetic and are welcome in her schooling.  And just like the Prophet Samuel, God has raised up Prophetess Cynthia to teach and train the prophets of the world—young in age or spirit.

Misconceptions about the Prophetic
In her time of being trained and training others in the prophetic, Cynthia has encountered several misconceptions concerning the prophetic. Below are the main ones.

•    A Vessel vs. the Office of the Prophetic:

Many people mistakenly believe that just because a person delivers a Word of Knowledge (knowledge of information the person could not naturally know), that they are a prophet.  This is not necessarily true.

A lot of people have prophetic giftings, but not prophetic licensing from the heaven.

The gifts can be bestowed on anyone, even unbelievers such as psychics, mediums, etc.  Yet the licensing, the actual office, comes with submitting that gift to God, allowing Him to train you, and proven accuracy through one’s relationship with God as well as a record of their words coming to past.

•    Psychics vs. Prophets:

Many also mistakenly believe that psychics and prophets are one and the same.  Prophetess Cynthia describes psychics as “forecasters” who receive their information from the Second Heaven where Satan rules as the Prince of the Power of the Air, not the third heaven where God reigns supreme.  Many of these are born with prophetic spirits.  But that’s not enough.

If you don’t submit that spirit to the true and Living God, then it will be used for another deity.  You make yourself open to any deity or fallen angel (familiar spirit).

Because of this distinction, psychics are not able to give truth that comes only from God.  And any accuracy from an ungodly source is still not trustworthy because their psychic’s gift and character are not submitted to God.  This leads us to our next misconception.

•    True vs. a False Word:

We are charged to “try the spirit, by the Spirit.”  This is why Prophetess Cynthia is so passionate about the School of Prophets: because it’s here to “bring back accreditation to the prophetic…”  So many accept “spookiness” in the name of prophecy and don’t think to try the “word”—or themselves—by the Spirit and Word of God.  When an individual knows the Word, they can test any word they are given by it and if it lines up, that is a good indicator the word is accurate.  

Also, the state of the person’s life [receiving the word] will also prove the accuracy or thereof.  

People who have set themselves to hear lies will always hear lies because the truth isn’t in them and they don’t want to hear [it].  But the people who want to hear truth and want to do what’s right [are] going to try that spirit by the spirit.

When it’s all said and done, every word, every person, every spirit must be tested and tried by the Word and Spirit of God.  Only He can judge a person’s readiness or accuracy in delivering a true word.  

If a word you receive is proven true, then war over it until you receive a release or see its fulfillment. If it’s not from God, then dismiss it from your mind and spirit.

Purity is Key
Prophetess Cynthia quotes the Psalmist when she declares the necessity of purity.

Who may ascend into the hill of the LORD?  Or who may stand in His holy place?  He who has clean hands and a pure heart.  (Psalm 24:3-4)

She teaches that purity is necessary if one is to give or judge a word of prophecy.  

Purity has everything to do with…the way you have separated yourself…your spirit to receive…from God by spending time in prayer… in conversation, communicating with the Father.

She also shares the key to prophecy:
“We prophesy according to the knowledge of the Word of God that’s within us.  Little Word, little prophecy, revelation…More Word, more prophecy, more revelation.”

And Prophetess goes on to say that spending time with God, allowing Him to cleanse your soul from any unforgiveness, bitterness, and ugliness, is also essential.  Only then will we have “clean hands and a pure heart” ready for prophecy.  Without this purity, anything you render will be “strange” or “new” and contradict the Word of God.

Despite all of its misconceptions and misjudgments over the years, prophecy and prophets still have a place in the plan of God for today.  That will never change.  Prophetess Cynthia believes that in the coming years, God is going to allow her to globalize her ministry efforts.  In January of 2013, the School of Prophets will offer online courses for the benefit of those outside Boca Raton and the United States.  She’d very much like to one day building housing facilities for the out-of-town students as well.  Prophetess will also continue to travel: training and mentoring leaders, pastors, and pastors’ spouses.  She is also excited to bring Woman You Will! into print.  Prophetess Cynthia Thompson is taking the world by storm and we pray the wind of the Spirit will ever be at her back!  

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