The Power in Secure Leadership

In last month’s article we explored embracing our personal power.  In that issue it was revealed that.   … “Our power is not to be abused by controlling others, being unethical, or evil. 

Therefore, we must practice self-discipline in order to temper that power!”
The leader who does not practice self-control, demonstrates an insecurity of what God has given them and the people around them.  In this issue, we will compare and contrast the secure leader and the insecure leader.  The difference between the secure and the insecure leader lies basically in their paradigms and leadership styles.  The word secure is defined as free from fear, anxiety or doubt, assured, certain.  Insecure means subject to fears, doubts, etc.; not self-confident or assured.
•    Understands that his/her confidence is in God
•    Confident
•    Bold
•    Subject to bullying and insulting subordinates
•    Is not afraid to listen to other peoples’ opinions
•    Not afraid to have others around them that are more knowledgeable
•    Will gladly allow others to share in any praise  
•    Accepts responsibility for things that happen under their watch
•    Seeks out and recognizes purpose and gifts in others
•    Not afraid to promote those who demonstrate strong leadership qualities   

•    Is more intent on pleasing people
•    Not confident
•    Fearful
•    Encourages and pushes others to reach for the stars
•    Believe themselves to be a know it all
•    Are intimidated by people who appear to be more knowledgeable in any given area
•    Wants all the praise for accomplishments
•    Will settle for making excuses for everything
•    Tends to overlook the “diamonds in the rough”
•    More likely to keep  and promote those they can control

Secure leadership begins with and is rooted in a leader’s security in their relationship with God.  Where this does not exist, it will be evident in the rash decisions and actions of the insecure leader.  People who fear losing power will inevitably resort to controlling and manipulating others to maintain control.  The problem is that these types of insecure leaders will find it very difficult to earn respect.  They will always have to demand it.  The insecure leader is so afraid of losing power and control that they will try to control those around them by limiting and withholding information in a seeming attempt to keep their subordinates ignorant.  This works contrary to team efforts and will stifle the growth of any organization.  

Have you ever been in a situation where someone has tried to limit any chance you have of promotion?  You know that you are well qualified, but for some reason there is someone who will not allow you that opportunity.  They may ‘dangle a carrot’ just to keep you interested and ‘on board’, but never really allow any type of meaningful progress.  It is at this point that you may have to reevaluate your position in the organization and seek God for direction.  The truth is that there are many leaders out there who are intimidated by the fact that you are a force to be reckoned with and feel that they have to protect their own positions.  The Word of God tells us that promotion comes not from the east, the west, or the south, but from God.   The insecure leader seemingly forgets that it is God who puts kings and queens in position to bring His will to pass.  Those who are secure in their leadership abilities are not afraid to propel others forward and will in fact put great effort into developing others who will perform at an even greater level than they themselves have.  Even Jesus, the greatest leader of all time, told His own disciples, “Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do…”   Jesus, secure in His leadership abilities and assignment, was not afraid to be transparent with those He was sent to lead.  He taught them what they needed to know and mentored them without fear or intrepidation.  If today’s leaders could come to this point of maturity in Christ, then we would surely be successful in advancing the Kingdom.

An insecure leader is detrimental to the success of any organization.

While every leader is subject to moments of insecurity, it is important to know where to turn in those times.  It is only God who can properly help us to maintain proper perspective.  As leaders we must always endeavor to effectively use and not abuse our God given power.  The time is now for there to be true self-reflection.  Each leader should daily seek God for direction and allow God to work in him both to do and to will of His good pleasure. 

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