The Eye Of The Storm *Premium*

When we ponder a whirlwind we think of great destruction,  chaos and confusion, clearly any catastrophic event that would come unexpectedly. In scripture there are three specific correlation’s to this great phenomenon.

1. It Manifested the Lords presence
2. The Lord spoke through the whirlwind
3. God created it and used it for wrath

In 2 Kings 2:1 We see that Elijah was taken up in a whirlwind. In Job 38:1 the Lord answered Job out of the whirlwind and in Nahum 1:2-3, this passage represents the power and might in Yahweh. He has his way in the whirlwind or storm. Yahweh is also the God of mercy, slow to anger and great in power. He holds the storm only out of His great mercy and love. When He chooses to release the whirlwind it brings forth a refining fire.

In considering Elijah’s plight of being taken up in the chariot of fire, we see the wheels of fire being likened to a whirlwind. This can also represent a metaphoric picture of war.

The Lord can speak to us prophetically to confirm a word in a season. When I was out running some errands last week I noticed the license plate of the vehicle next to me. It simply said,” War”. As I turned the corner there stood standing a soldier dressed in army fatigue. This was clearly a confirmation from the Lord as to the season we are now in. The Lord is always speaking, we just need to stop, look and listen for His voice.

I had a dream several years back. A furious dark and terrible storm was coming but I was anchored tied to a stake impending in the ground and though the storm raged around me I was not moved. I was in the eye of the storm. His loving kindness was surrounding me.

In pondering this dream and the things the Lord had been speaking to me I asked Him this simple question. “What is the difference between your single eye in scripture and scripture that refers to your eyes as plural”? He said very sweetly to me,”When my eye is singular it’s very personal”. When we stand in the eye of the storm we are in His hiding place where there is peace and serenity. The winds, chaos and destruction cannot come nigh us. David refers to this in psalms 32:7. “ You are my hiding place, You will preserve me from trouble. You will surround me with songs of deliverance”. You see our Lord sees us as His personal possession, as a loving Father who cares for His own.

In this time of shaking our assurance will only be in the eye of the storm. He must come first in our daily walk. We must know Him like never before. We must seek Him with all our heart, and stay in the shelter of HIs arms.

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