Tammy Whitehurst: Messenger of Hope, Giver of Joy

Of her call, the former middle school teacher says, “I felt the call on my life in my early 30s.  I just didn’t realize what I would go through before it bloomed.  I was a classroom teacher for 16 years.  I didn’t leave because I was burned out; I left because I knew God was calling me to go to seminary to earn credentials in women’s ministry.”  In the midst of doing her part in helping to manifest the vision, Tammy ran into a terrible roadblock.  Rather than allowing it to serve as a stumbling block, it actually served as a catalyst for birthing the ministry.  “I went through heart surgery at 38 years of age and my faith in the Lord grew even more.  It was the next year that I had my first speaking engagement.”

On her way to destiny, Tammy served on staff at a large church for two years in the Prayer Ministry department.  This experience, she says, taught her grace and mercy during the “still” time with the Lord that came along with the territory of praying for others, counseling and listening to the pain people were going through.  “This ministry taught me to listen.  I was speaking on weekends and working for the church during the week.  My husband and I began to pray and ask God to show us what to do.  I left this position and stepped out on faith to speak full-time.  It has been wonderful!”

Wonderful, indeed!  The testimonies shared on Tammy’s website bear witness to what a phenomenally incredible speaker she is.  She’s been characterized as encouraging, inspiring, uplifting, awesome, motivating, role model of joy, humorous, invigorating…simply a blessing.  Her approach of applying the Word of God to life situations (to include the ups and downs of motherhood, marriage), presenting her messages with clarity and contextual precision for each specific audience, and adding an element of humor has proven to be a winning combination.  

Even in the midst of facing setbacks, disappointments and other challenges, she held fast to what she knew God would have her to do.  “I prayed and the more I read His Word, the more he would show me where to go, what to do, and who to talk to in order to get something accomplished.  In the areas that I was not my strongest, God put people in my path with those gifts who graciously have assisted me.  I am extremely thankful to each of them,” she states.

Tammy Whitehurst is on a continual quest to invoke joy and encouragement to every audience that she is blessed to address, and she realizes that things aren’t always easy.  To that end, she advises, “Life is tough.  It throws all kinds of obstacles in our way from health issues to marriage issues to rebellious children among many of the other struggles we encounter.  When we allow ourselves to stand firm on the solid rock of faith we can be assured life will not sweep us away or swallow us up.  Great is thy (God’s) faithfulness!” 

Yes, it is!  And if Tammy Whitehurst has any say in the matter, His faithfulness will always be shared and spread by an on-time Word sprinkled with lots of love and laughter.  Truly, she is a messenger of hope, a giver of joy.

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