Taking Control Now

“Excuses are monuments of nothing. They build bridges to nowhere. Anyone who uses them seldom exceeds at anything…” – Thomas J. Smith

Are you happy with the way you look and feel? Then this article is not for you. This article was written for the woman that’s tired, frustrated and incomplete in her health. She has made excuses for so long that failing has become a way of life.

We all want better, but to want extent? Excuses have no place in the life of a believer. They do not help us have the abundant life God promised us, so why do we cling to them as if they were gold. God’s word is priceless. It provides health and healing to all our flesh, but many of us have bought into the lies of the world system. We make excuses for our behavior and lack discipline. We get bored easily and are always looking and searching for things to numb our senses. Food is a comfort to many and while eating out was once a luxury, it has now become the norm. Women don’t want to cook anymore. They don’t want to say “no: to their kids. and whatever is asked for is given without a second thought as to whether its healthy and/or nutritional.

Change begins with you. Change is now, not tomorrow or next year. When do we begin to take responsibility for the negative lifestyle our families are living? We want someone else to take the lead, but what if God has called you to oversee your family’s health? Change begins with you. Change is now, not tomorrow or next year. It begins when you take full responsibility for your life. No more I can’t… but I will, and I shall because my life depends on it, my children are looking to me and time waits on no one. The will of God for your life is that you flourish and be the queen He’s called you to be. Unstoppable, determined, and with a fierceness that commands respect. But first you need to overcome, and you can’t overcome without standing up and taking initiative.

Give yourself a chance and become that woman you’ve always wanted to be. It’s never too late to take control of your life. As we embark on a new year, the possibilities are endless. What will you do with your life? What challenges will you overcome? How will you become better? I challenge you to stop saying “I don’t like cardio, I don’t like to work out, I hate certain foods that I know are good for me and I will say yes to something new.” Give yourself a chance and become that woman you’ve always wanted to be. It’s never too late to take control of your life.

Start NOW! Begin by;

  1. Confessing what God’s word says about you. “Guard Up”
  2. The fridge is calling you! Throw out the old and start a new “Clean Up”
  3. Set boundaries; avoid pitfalls by planning meals ahead with food prep. “Prep Up”
  4. Plan a workout/cardio regime on days you know for a fact you can make it and stick to your schedule! “Step Up”
  5. Love yourself enough to see it through! “Level Up”

Affirmation: I AM made in the Image and Likeness of God. Godliness is my inherent makeup. I AM more powerful than what opposes or oppresses me and I now own my power and take it back from all the places and excuses that I once I loaned it to.

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Joanna Pope

Joanna Pope is a columnist for our fitness and nutrition column "Total Women- From the inside out". She assists her husband at 'Life on the Horizon Ministries Church' in Orlando, Fl. She is a Certified Personal Trainer and Judge with the National Physique Committee. She went from being an overweight yo-yo dieter to fully breaking her sugar addiction from comfort foods and has become a Professional Fitness Champion. Her testimony of professing God's transforming word over her life, is what she eagerly shares with her readers. This newly emerged Joanna states "My goal is to inspire and motivate my readers to live a life that Glorifies God by taking care of His temple. Let the journey begin today!" Her column 'Total U' is amongst the many great columns here at Shulamite Women Online Magazine. Her readers gain first hand professional and biblical knowledge into how God reconstructs us from the inside out.

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