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Tabor Ministries started out as a worship concert ministry 13 years ago. Since then, God has expanded it into the area of women’s ministry. Kim’s testimony of freedom inspired the “Finally Free” Women’s Conferences, book, Bible study, and CD.

We believe God sets his children free FROM something FOR something. He wants us to be His hands and feet in a lost world. The FOR something has become Stripped Free which is the outreach division of our Finally Free Women’s Ministry. We go into strip clubs in the city of Indianapolis to let the women dancing there know that someone loves and cares about them and most importantly God loves and cares about them.


There are so many in this world that are bound. Even many in the church are bound and carrying things they were never meant to carry. God has freedom for His children and once they are set free, He doesn’t mean for them to keep that freedom to themselves. He wants all of us to do something with our freedom in His Name. God allowed my path to cross with an ex-dancer who had been redeemed and restored. She was on fire for God and oozed the love of Jesus. We began going into the clubs together to help share the love of Jesus with women who are really hurting and need hope. These women would never come to our churches so we bring the church to them.

Finding available resources for these women has been a huge challenge. Many want to leave the sex industry and start new lives. Building the foundation of resources needed has been challenging, but God is providing. It’s also a long road to get women in this industry to trust you. It takes a long time because of the depth of hurt and abuse they’ve suffered. It takes a lot of love and patience.

A word of encouragement for others who might be facing some difficulties. – God never gives up on us, so we must keep pressing forward and not give up on those who are lost. His love is able to break through even the most guarded and wounded heart.

It has been such a privilege to share the love of Jesus with the women in this industry. I’ve seen the same look in a woman’s eyes in these clubs as I’ve seen from women sitting in the pews of our churches during one of our Finally Free Women’s Conferences. We’ve all experienced pain and we all want to know that we are loved and we matter. We all have that in common. To be able to say that to women for the very first time and see it penetrate their hearts and minds has been overwhelming. The tears begin to flow as they realize and begin to really believe that the God of the universe is crazy in love with them.

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