Daniel Winans: God and Family

Grammy Award Winner, Daniel Winans, shares with SW about his journey, his accomplishments, and his firm foundation of God and Family.

Daniel has vivid memories of growing up in the Winans household, where he and his siblings were awakened early and often to the glorious prayers of Pop Winans calling unto the LORD on behalf of his family.

“A legacy distinctly etched into my mind from early childhood and growing up, I found myself following in this pattern of prayer passed from father to son and siblings.  I continue in it today.”

It was these prayerful beginnings that shaped Daniel Winans for a meaningful relationship with the LORD and with all the other relationships that would come into his life.

Singer Howard Smith was instrumental in introducing famed Gospel recording artist, Andrea Crouch, to the talented Winans after which the family was soon on its way to becoming one of the most recognizable names in gospel music.

Gospel Singer and Grammy Award Winner and Daniel Winans

Daniel has gone on to win his own Grammy award and he’s a three-time Grammy nominee.  He has toured, of course, with the legendary Winans family, who has garnered the title of the “First Family of Gospel” to the USA.  Daniel is in high in- demand as a performer. He shares his music at some of the largest and most vibrant churches in America.  He is well received in Africa, Europe, and many other places abroad.  On his favoritezs list of ministry events is the “Gathering of Champions,” held at Kingsway International Christian Center, which is located in London, England.  Daniel also sang for the late, great, Whitney Houston on her wedding day when she married Bobby Brown.

In 1987, Daniel recorded his debut album, Daniel Winans and the Second Half, Brotherly Love was released two years later, and in 1990, he received the Best Contemporary Gospel Song Grammy for the title cut from Brotherly Love.  Daniel’s third album, entitled My Point of View was released in 1991.  He released album number four, Not In My House in 1994.  It was followed by, On The Inside where he kicks off the album with the silky smooth “true to you,” which expressed his desire to serve God.  Daniel rounds out this fifth project with the purely fun track, the snappy, funk- and-blues-filled “hu du yu luv” and highlights a guest appearance by Andrea Crouch on the remake of Andrea Crouch’s “Jesus Is The Answer.”  First Love was released in 2011.  With his newest release, Family, Daniel is still pointing the way to the LORD and light of our lives as Danz Music Productions/BMI/BMG teams up with MCRi Music Distribution.

Now living in Arizona, Daniel is still married to a girl he has known since his early childhood, Sybil.  Sybil and Daniel grew up in the same church built by Daniel’s great-grand-father, I.W. Winans in Detroit, Michigan.  A sweetheart of a couple, they have three children of their own, Daniel Jr., Jeremy, and Kacy, the princess of the family.

Daniel uses his musical accomplishments and experiences to groom and develop the next generation of gospel music greats to have successful careers in the recording industry and more importantly, to point them and others, through his music, to focus on the LORD and the important foundation of  family.

“I am thankful for the foundation of family, and hope that my family in God, friends, and fans experience stellar moments with the music as they listen to each song from this sound-track dedicated to the LORD and Family”…  by Daniel G. Winans.

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