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This year Bishop Greg Davis is celebrating 28 years in Ministry. Twenty of those years, he served as a Bishop under Full Gospel Church with Bishop Paul Morton. He accepted Jesus Christ at the young age of 9, and is a product of having been raised by his grandparents Ananias and Jenny Davis.

Earlier in life, he found himself running from the call to pastor. He expresses how “sometimes we will do everything in the church except what God has called us to do”. He too had found himself directing the church choir instead of preaching—all the while—knowing that he was called to preach. Bishop Davis adds “It is dangerous when you are not doing what God has called you to do. When God calls you, you need to do what God calls you to do. You will get to your destiny eventually, but not without difficulty if you run from the call”. He continues “your blessing is in what God has called you to do and has aligned with your calling, so you must stay in your lane. Destiny is a journey, walk it out.” He sternly states “People will say yes to God, but not yes to their assignment”.


One of the biggest difficulties faced while establishing his media based ministry is what he refers to as ” The people factor’” You help so many people and then they turn around and stab you in your back. You have to decide whether or not to take it personal. What helps, is the understanding that so many people are broken and acting out that brokenness.

At the end of the day, you really understand that when you have a platform be it media, ministry, or whatever, the people are just coming with their own agenda”.  He quotes Carlton Pearson, “The people come because they come for what you have. Never take it personal”.

He goes on to share “you are not anointed until your haters are seated. Psalms 23:5 Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies, so go get all your haters and give them a seat on your platform”. As it relates to wanting what Bishop Greg Davis has, he states that you have to understand that there are trials that go along with being Bishop Greg Davis. One may not be able to carry that cross, divorced, mother was a prostitute, having been betrayed, and much more. “People really start believing their own press and spend so many years trying to reach “There”, seeing other people’s success but don’t really understand or appreciate what it took to get to that place”. Bishop Greg Davis proclaims, “You can’t have public success and your life is a private mess”.

Bishop Davis expresses that he is extremely blessed to have the platforms God has given him. “Media, television, and radio is a way of assisting young preachers and people around the world to share all of our experiences. There are things we have been through that our children don’t have to go through. We need information and media is that platform. Revelation 12:11 And they overcame him by the Blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony”.

Bishop Greg Davis’ closing words are “When the intensity of your opposition has increased you are just about there. All the hell in the world happening to you signals that you are close to your breakthrough. Don’t give up because you are almost there. You are one phone call away. One connection away.  One day away. You should be afraid if you are not going through anything”.

Bishop Greg Davis is married to Catina Davis, and they recently enjoyed the new birth of a baby boy Michael Gregory Davis who is healthy and doing well. He exclaims “You can call me Abraham”. He is happy, God has blessed him, and he now has a chance to be a better father.

Fully established, he now goes forth with this profound truth in his heart “God first, family second, and ministry third”.

The Greg Davis Show on The Impact Network live @ 5:00 PM Est. is a magazine type program for hot topics, christian entertainment, relationships, interviews and more. He says his show is edgy without jumping off the edge. Starting April 7th. 2014 The Greg Davis Show Is Coming To Radio1000 Tune In Monday – Friday @ 8:00 AM Est.

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