Apostle Kynan Bridges: The Power of Prophetic Prayer

Apostle Kynan Bridges is the Senior Pastor of Grace and Peace Fellowship located in Tampa, Florida. He ministers alongside his wife Pastor Gloria Bridges, who also flows in the prophetic and the gift of exhortation, and who has committed herself to a life of intercession and edification.

Apostle Bridges shares how his life story not only inspired his latest book, but also gave him deep insight into the supernatural and prophetic realms. It really is my life story, I was born again in the 90’s, and around 1996 I had an encounter with God, and was filled with the Holy Spirit shortly after that. I grew up in the Prophetic movement, (at the tail end) and was called in to the work of ministry. I was returning from Pensacola, from a fishing trip, when the Lord spoke to me audibly and said “Preach My Word.”

Although young in his walk with the Lord, and despite other’s lack of ability to explain this to him, he eventually began to understand the call on his life. God began to deal with me about my future as a Pastor and leader, and I began to have these visions, and I remember one time I saw myself speaking in front of a large congregation and I would continue to have glimpses, and glimpses, and more glimpses. And then fast forward many years, the calling on my life began to unfold and God began to reaffirm the call, I call it echoing, because I that believe God only speaks once.  The bible says “Once God has spoken; twice have I heard “, so the Lord has to only say something one time, and the echo resonates in our spirit, and in our life, and is so profound. So, that echo began to echo within me about being in ministry.  God kept dealing with us, we were worship leaders and God began telling me to Father a ministry in the city we were in. The Lord began to show me people all over the world, different, tongues, ethnicities, tribes, creeds, colors and all coming out of the wilderness. They were emaciated, they were hungry and the Lord said “I want you to feed them”.

That was just the beginning of breakthrough and release into his own destiny. He would soon learn how to contend for their assignment in the earth, and was taken to a deeper level of understanding regarding our inherent power as believers. So that was the genesis of our ministry. Once in ministry. It was difficult because once we began to minister and flow in the power of God, we began to experience major opposition, especially in dealing with the religious spirits. So, we started a prayer ministry every Thursday night, in our home, and sometimes we would meet more than once a week. We would just pray for hours, and pray in the spirit, and just pray, pray and pray.  All of a sudden, we began to declare prophetically and began to call things out prophetically. We had entered another dimension in prayer and began to prophesy over our city to see transformation and revival, and a lot of what we see today stemmed from that time period.

Again, Apostle Bridges would be brought to another lesson in the power of prophetic prayer, while his wife was in labor with their first child. When my wife was pregnant, with our first child (my daughter), and experiencing complications, (she wasn’t dilating), they told her while in labor that she may need a Cesarean section, because she was at risk for a high birth-weight baby. Neither of us wanted her to have a C-Section. So, the doctor came in and said they would give it one hour and afterwards, if she was not fully dilated they would perform the C-Section. So with in that one hour time span, we began to pray. My wife had prayed so hard, that she fell asleep; she was exhausted, she had been in labor over 24 hours at this point.

I remember that I prayed and shifted in my prayer and began demanding the womb, and our then unborn daughter to come out. I joke about it now, but I remember being  hungry and I had chicken wings in the corner, and I spoke to the baby and said “ come on out baby, daddy is hungry!” and I began prophesying over my wife and I hit  a place in the spirit, where I had lost track of time, I then heard a voice  say “The baby’s head is poking out” and my wife naturally delivered a healthy baby girl. God spoke to me from that experience, and said to me that while my wife was giving birth to our daughter, that I was also giving birth to the prophetic promises over my life. At that moment, I realized God had called us to release our destiny.

The Power of Prophetic Prayer

 All those who are believers in the body of Christ, are pregnant with a destiny that God wants them to release. Its not going to come from the outside or some experience in the future, your destiny is within you and it is through the power of prophetic prayer that we release this destiny. So, this is something we live everyday.

From those life lessons and others, destiny was birthed, and so was his book “The Power of Prophetic Prayer: Release Your Destiny”. In the first chapter, we discuss what prayer is and the different types of prayers. One of the biggest misconceptions in the church, is what prayer is. When you look at the Gospel accounts, when Jesus says “men ought always to pray”, there is a parable where Jesus explains a woman, who has an issue and is brought before a judge who was not ready to rule in her favor. Still, she keeps coming before him day and night, this woman has a case where she needed judgment in her favor. If we look at the biblical implication and how we interpret the text, this woman has a civil dispute and the bible records, that the judge says this (paraphrases) Even though I don’t fear God or regard man, this woman with her continually coming to me, I will vindicate her. It then says how much more will God avenge his elect who cry before him night and day?

So, we see this example of prayer. Why does Jesus use this legal scenario to describe prayer? He does that because prayer is not a religious exercise, but a divine legal transaction, that is initiated in the court of heaven and it releases, the judgment from God in our favor. So every time we pray God vindicates us. So what do I mean by that?

I don’t necessarily mean that God goes and kills someone, but God’s justice or righteous vindication is when he is able to intervene in the affairs of man, with the culture and power of heaven. So, whenever God interferes in our affairs, that is a vindication. For example, if you need healing in your body and you are battling a form of sickness or disease, and when you implore the courts of heaven, because God is a righteous judge and heaven has a court, (I have been there and saw the courts of heaven) there is a courtroom where God issues his judgment.

In prayer we are calling upon the Law of God, which is his word, and the Bible says “Thy word O’ Lord is settled in the Heavens”, so it is His word from where God draws his juris prudence. Jurisprudence is when a judge looks a previous cases to determine how he will judge a case.  

 And so, in prayer, we implore the judgments of God, according to his word, in our healing and our finances, to see the supernatural power of heaven manifest in our lives.


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