Andrea Dumas: Celebrate

Yolanda Adams, Donnie McClurkin & Richard Smallwood Background Singer Andrea Dumas Debuts Solo Release.

Andrea-Dumas-CelebrateStanding just 10 feet away from legends like Yolanda Adams, Donnie McClurkin and Richard Smallwood has been the perfect training ground for veteran background vocalist

Andrea Dumas. A member of Richard Smallwood’s ensemble, Vision, Dumas has been groomed by the best. Last August saw the release of Dumas’ solo effort, Celebrate. Featuring the memorable lead single, “Jesus”, and other amazing cuts like “Call To Worship”, “You Just Hold On” and “Speak It”, the new project introduced the gifted vocalist as a new artist. In the few months following the release, the Autumn Day Entertainment Recording Artist has caught the attention of the industry and New Day Christian Distributors, known for distributing some of the top artists in the Christian and Gospel genres, recently signed Andrea to an exclusive
distribution deal.

Andrea Dumas says, “I am thrilled to begin this partnership with New Day Christian Distributors. Having worked with the company previously with my church choir’s project, Greater Mt. Calvary Live, I believe New Day will help to expand the reach of the music ministry that God has given me to a larger audience.” Thomas Rollins of New Day Christian Distributors concurs. “New Day Christian Distributors is honored and proud to welcome Andrea Dumas to our family. We are extremely excited to partner with her to help spread the
message of Jesus Christ”.

The new project features the talents of noted songwriters Darius Paulk, John Lakin and Shawn Bigby and the production skills of Steven McCoy and Ramon Shelton. Recorded live at her church, Greater Mt. Calvary Holy Church in Washington, DC, Celebrate provides what all Gospel music lovers need to enjoy good Gospel music: Christ-centered lyrics, soul-shaking music and pure anointing. Fans of the psalmist have been lifting hands to tracks like “Give Him Praise”, “We Live To Worship” and “Waiting For You”.

Comfortable in her role as a background vocalist, initially Andrea had no plans to record her own CD. Although she loves her background work, God’s continual prompting led her to step out on her own. The completion of the project is a testament of her faith and her obedience to the Lord.

“I want to inspire those who are apprehensive in moving into unfamiliar territory,” she shares. “During the recording process, I started to see the Lord open one door after another. I pray that others ignore the voice of fear and listen to the voice of faith,” she says.

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