Dr. Marina McLean: Grace in A Major

Like many, I had reached a plateau in life, wherein I knew that there was more to life than what I was experiencing on a daily basis. I was on my second marriage, had ventured out on a home-based business model, had 3 wonderful children, church membership, cars, house, yep…the whole shebang. Yet, although things seemed to be okay on the surface, there was this incessant inward dissonance which needed attention.  Unbeknownst to me, that I was being thrust into the next chapter of my life and what was then an internal cacophony would soon become enlightened and synchronized to my life’s purpose.

So there I was sitting in my church one day, when Dr. Marina was announced to sing a worship song.  Before she proceeded to sing she audaciously announced “Welcome to my dream, you are all a part of a dream that I dared to dream” referencing her newly released music CD.  Well, hearing her speak those words awakened something deep within me; not only did she dream big, but she was walking it out and boldly sharing it. Those words impacted me significantly, because the truth was that not only did I not dare to dream big, I didn’t even know where to start! But God, made it so that our husbands connected in such a unique way, that we would begin to walk closely with them and discover God through their eyes.

My next major point of impact, came at a church meeting they were holding, it was the first time I had attended a Global Glory Meeting, and well, the rest is history…. During this meeting Dr. Mom was leading praise and worship and the sound was unlike anything we had ever heard. No traditional church songs, no easy worship lyrics on the screen, no, this was straight prophetic worship flowing through the entire music team. Sounds of joy, freedom, love and adoration. Sounds that shifted not only the atmosphere, but the mindsets of those whose ears it reached. At first, my husband and I felt a little out of place, but it didn’t take long before we were raptured into the sweet and melodic sounds of worship. Learning how to worship from this new place unearthed an awareness within my husband and myself  that caused us to reflect on how limited and passive we had become in other areas and created within us both a greater hunger for God. At our recent meeting, she shared something in this regard, she asked us “How do you make someone hungry?” then after a slight pause answered, “You eat in front of them!”.  Wow! She knew how to do just that—to be so filled with the love of God that It spilled over onto all she said and did, and to the extent that if she never even recited a scripture, what she had operating in her life was so desirable that it would cause others to hunger after the same.  Now that’s evangelism, at its finest!

We later had the opportunity to witness her minster at El Rey Jesús – King Jesus Ministries in Miami, and at another Global Glory Meeting in Dallas. Not only did she preach like a women from another world, but her revelational teachings on dimensional worship were utterly profound. She shared with us this past weekend that sometimes Dr. Dad will teach a principle of which she has her own revelation and understanding of and then she teaches “her” version of that revelation, ensuing ministerial teamwork. She also shared that at times the Lord used Dr. Dad in such an extraordinary manner that after he was done, she’d asked him “Who are you?” even after years of being married to him. They each so graciously complement the other’s ministry and gifting for a greater purpose.  

Have things always been easy? Not by any means. She disclosed to us that earlier in her ministry days, people didn’t even know her name, but since they all knew her husband’s name so well that they would also call her Pastor Renny. How frustrating it must be, to know that you have all this greatness bottled up on the inside but nowhere to express it because it’s persistently overshadowed by someone else. Interestingly enough, we know that God uses just these types of scenarios to foster character and discipline within us. Ultimately, he desires us to bear the fruit of His spirit. So in due season, that beautiful prophetic voice not only pierced the ears of its listeners, but also their hearts.

Isn’t that just like God?

Life’s trials can mimic musical cords, causing many to lose focus and major in the minors, however it is a divine blessing to embrace a gift from above that displays His grace in “A” Major.

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