Rules of Engagement for Overcoming your Past

Dr. Cindy Trimm | Speaker, Author | Transformational Leadeer

Rules of Engagement for Overcoming your Past: This a supplement to the rules of engagement for spiritual warfare. How to break free from guilt rejection, abuse, the orphan spirit, shame and it’s a quick read because so many people are really struggling. It’s one thing to give people tools, but it’s another thing to teach them how to use the tools! This book does both.

This is a how to book—helping people to overcome their past. In this book we talk about paradigms and renewing the mind, because as I mentioned earlier about paradigms, something happens when we have a renewal of the mind. I remembered the story of the prodigal son and his pigpen experience and I was thinking how all of us have a pigpen experience— it’s an ah ha moment, when the lights go on, and we are able to say I’m better than this and I will arise, I set the bar too low for my life, I’m reaching too low, my expectations are too low and my thinking is too small, and you just have that moment. To me it’s like the prayer of Jabez “enlarge my territory” and so when you walk around with unforgiveness and rejection and offense, it puts a lid on your life, and puts limits on how far you can go, and how much you can grow in the Lord. I love this book because it candidly deals with these issues and it gives you the tools and it also has the declarations that go along.

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