The Power of Prophetic Prayer


 All those who are believers in the body of Christ, are pregnant with a destiny that God wants them to release. It is not going to come from the outside or some experience in the future, your destiny is within you and it is through the power of prophetic prayer that we release this destiny. So, this is something we live everyday.

the-power-of-prophetic-prayer-bookFrom those life lessons and others, destiny was birthed, and so was his book “The Power of Prophetic Prayer: Release Your Destiny”. In the first chapter, we discuss what prayer is and the different types of prayers. One of the biggest misconceptions in the church, is what prayer is. When you look at the Gospel accounts, when Jesus says “men ought always to pray”, there is a parable where Jesus explains a woman, who has an issue and is brought before a judge who was not ready to rule in her favor. Still, she keeps coming before him day and night, this woman has a case where she needed judgment in her favor. If we look at the biblical implication and how we interpret the text, this woman has a civil dispute and the bible records, that the judge says this (paraphrases) Even though I don’t fear God or regard man, this woman with her continually coming to me, I will vindicate her. It then says how much more will God avenge his elect who cry before him night and day?

This is an excerpt taken from SW’s Featured interview with Apostle Kynan Bridges, to read the full live interview  Click here

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