Dr. Renee Hornbuckle: Breaking the Silence

Her Walk
Dr. Hornbuckle comes from a traditional church background and embraced God in her latter twenties. During this same time period she met the man of her dreams. Her strong spiritual foundation allowed her to stay the course as she faced certain trials in her life and her faith in the Lord continued to grow. Dr. Hornbuckle went on to marry Terry Hornbuckle in the late 80’s and believed she had married her Prince Charming. Often times, as little girls we are taught to wait on our Prince Charming. What is not always relayed is that every Prince is not always Charming. However, life has a way of teaching us those things we don’t always learn at home. Nonetheless, being a woman of excellence, Dr. Hornbuckle  always strived “to get it right”. She thrived to be a strong Christian, submissive wife, involved parent and a Godly representative to those whom God called her to Pastor.

She and her husband lived an incredible life with great success, health, wealth and status.  At a young age, they had a powerful and fast growing ministry coupled with a beautiful family. What many would call a dream life. However, deeply rooted within all of this was a hidden cloud of darkness. Hidden to the eyes of the people, but visible to the one who felt the pain.

Can you imagine dealing with personal pain, misery, abuse and confusion and not having  one  solid un-biased source to seek help or support from? Can you imagine not having a place to truly call refuge? As Dr. Hornbuckle shared, “The darkness was a struggle because of the influence and impact on other people’s lives spiritually” this is what had her not to say anything. She wanted to tell someone what she was experiencing but felt no one would believe her. Whenever she attempted to approach someone she was repeatedly told “It’s going to be ok”, “Pray about it”, “You go through these things in ministry”, “If you come forward what would happen to the people’s spirituality?” What she really needed was someone to tell her that what she was going through was simply not right, and point her in the direction of getting some professional help. As a direct result, this well meaning but bad advice, eventually caused her to silence her voice.  This led to many years of silent suffering, and what was not addressed in private, would later be addressed in public. 

Let It Go
As Dr. Hornbuckle knows all too well, harboring ill feelings is not only detrimental to your personal health but also to your spiritual growth. This is why it is vital that as individuals, whatever that “thing” is that has hindered you from progressing in all aspects of your life, you must Let It Go. During this phase of Dr. Hornbuckle’s life she held on to that very concept and gave her heart permission to let it go. She understood the importance of doing so, because as she states “I could not move forward without allowing this residue to be removed”. No matter what you go through you can move forward.

There are several viewpoints, advice and opinions that Dr. Hornbuckle shared which are so profound. One point in particular was when she shared this: “In this life we will have troubles. We do not know when it will come and what will come, but Jesus has already overcome them all. He has done that for us. We can overcome anything”. Holding on to this concept can make the process of letting go much easier.

Her Book- Suffering In Silence
“It was mandated by God to write. I realized that as a spiritual leader, and influencer in the community, I had a responsibility to share my story and some of it’s secrets so that others might be healed…” When a person is stuck inside the cage of silence and is finally freed it is hard to think and act outside of the cage. Being confined and boxed in creates walls and barriers. Dr. Hornbuckle did not have the confidence or the courage to speak. She shares that when one is connected to a high profile individual, it’s easy to become afraid of exposure because of the fear that it may ruin your world, as you know it. So breaking the silence is much times easier said than done. But, it was facing this fear and allowing her world to be transformed by God’s will, that gave her the strength to come forth and share the intimate details of her life and marriage. Through this process her voice was renewed and her identity was redefined.

Dr. Hornbuckle strongly believes that you can find a safe place to get what you need so that you can walk in God and walk in Him completely. In her book Suffering In Silence she speaks about her cycle, her pain, her process, her silence and her renewed voice. This book is about healing.  She now passionately and compassionately embraces her life’s purpose to encourage and empower others to greatness and destiny.

The Life Institute
Understanding what the Lord is now doing in and through her allowed the birthing of The Life Institute. A project that is near and dear to Dr. Hornbuckle, and one she is truly knowledgeable about. She aspires to help others find their life direction. The focus of the Life Institute is to serve as an aide to find your way, change your world and reach your greatest destiny. Opportunities are made available to help people understand that abundant life awaits them.

Dr. Hornbuckle’s Advice and Words of Encouragement

*Accept the truth of where you are. Be aware of the realities of your life. Be aware of the red flags. Do not ignore the warning signs. Search yourself. Ask yourself specific questions.

*The warning signs are there to warn you of what you should not do or where you should not be.

*Go to someone who has the skills and the ability to counsel on a different level. Not necessarily the covering  but an individual who is certified, qualified in not just counseling but deliverance as well. Those are the type of individuals the church needs.

* Break the silence. You do not have to go through what you have been going through any longer.

Dr. Renee Hornbuckle is a Pastor, an entrepreneur, an empowerment speaker, a survivor, an inspiration and a true gift to God’s people. May her story, her life, and her pain be an inspiration to you all. Remember that the silence can be broken. Remember who the true enemy is. It is not about exposing the abuser or tearing down the ministry but it is about exposing the true enemy and tearing apart his blueprint for destruction.

“If you really want your purpose identified you must put into it what you expect out of it”.
Dr. Renee Hornbuckle -Senior Pastor Agape Church, Arlington Texas


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