Renny Mclean Ministries: Encountering the Supernatural

Undeniably demonstrating the supernatural power of God within the Household of Faith, by bringing revelatory understanding to the life of every believer; Renny Mclean ministries operates in a true apostolic mantle of miracles, signs, and wonders.

SW: How did you get swept  into the flow of this end-time Supernatural movement of the Holy Spirit that we are now seeing  in the earth?  The Lord called me in to ministry forty one years ago, and that call has taken me to 81 nations, in which we have seen the dead raised, the blind see, the sick healed and many phenomenal miracles and wonders. The Lord spoke to me that my mandate is to bring the things of the spirit into the earth and give His people a comprehensive understanding of how they too can work the works of God, and see the power of God, and begin to touch their generations. That is part of my calling. To touch every sphere of the supernatural, because the supernatural is in spheres, and so the Lord has always moved me ahead of time.

Renny Mclean Ministries

Some years, ago the Lord said to me  “Son, set your face towards America “ and I replied  “Lord, why? ” and  he answered  “because third world conditions are coming to her and it is one day going to take the same faith that you saw in Africa and in Asia, where people see the supernatural on a regular basis, its one day going to take that kind of faith to live in America because of what  is coming to her, because my church is asleep, but there is coming a great awakening–an awakening to my presence, an awakening to my power and above all, an awakening to my word–and that, mixing those things together, that is truly why I am here, that is why God has called me to America.

I am now in the midst of a prophetic  event to bring the supernatural in to the Church, part of my role as an apostle is to pioneer, and for the past sixteen years we have been pioneering. Some of the work we began about 16 years ago in America, is only just now being accepted because people are just now becoming open to the supernatural. So God has called me to bring forth the revelation of the supernatural spheres of God to the church.

Understanding the Supernatural:
Realms of Authority
When God raises up ministries, each ministry has different spheres to affect. When God raised up the Apostle Paul, he had a greater sphere of influence that than of Peter.  That is why Paul was directly sent to the Gentiles, because  history shows that Paul spoke over 50 different languages. So Paul’s range of influence  differed because man’s  realm of authority is directly related to the amount of revelation that he carries.

That is why when you come into contact with someone who has revelation it jogs your spirit man because you begin to see what you didn’t see or that realm begins to confirm and affirm that which you already know, but no one else is saying. So when you come in to the presence of generals, they activate you. People who come under our ministry, by way of joining become activated and begin  to move in spheres they’ve  never moved before, networks, financial realms, and the supernatural. I’ve watched those who come under us change by way of association, but I’ve also watched those who give to the ministry carry a greater measure of it. I can’t explain it fully, but when you are in fellowship you are in partnership, so  with our ministry you partner with a miracle mantle, you partner with an apostolic mantle.  Likewise, when people come and don’t give into the ministry then can’t get anything out of it, because you can’t withdraw from anything you make no deposits into. You’ll never draw from a mantle you don’t honor.

Understanding the second voice principle
Do you know God’s voice is in 2 dimensions, his voice confirms and his voice creates. The first voice is often the voice of God. Notice in the Garden the first voice said, [paraphrased] “Do not eat  from this tree, the day you eat from it you will die”. The second voice is always reason, notice  the second voice said did “Did God really say?”  Interesting…

Again, God gave Abraham a promise, but his wife’s voice became the second voice of reason and Ishmael was born, and Israel has a problem to this very day because of the second voice.

The second voice undermines the supernatural moves of God. Understanding this principle is life changing. When God tells you to do something ,there is always a miracle attached to it, anytime you don’t do it, there is always a delay attached to it. Obedience always looses the supernatural.

SW:What would you say are the greatest obstacles or hindrances in bridging the supernatural to the natural?

1. Culture. Many churches build around their ethnicity, not necessarily the culture of the Kingdom. If you go to a church that is predominantly one race you will have that bias delivered in the word, a mature preacher relates only to the word of God, not one’s ethnicity, because he brings you out of societal, cultural, and ethnic  traditions so that you can then bring change to it, not be influenced by it. So there are things being accepted, that are culturally acceptable because everyone can relate to it, but no one sees that it is missing God. Hence, the supernatural is absent.

2. Faith. The church needs to be re-taught faith, and the reason I say that is because there is a counterfeit going around now and the agenda of this movement is to rob the church of the demonstrable power of the supernatural.  The supernatural is short-circuited when we confuse enthusiasm with expectation. Enthusiasm is natural, there is nothing supernatural about enthusiasm, so  it will never yield supernatural results. I know a lot of people with good attitudes, but nothing is happen. There is a thin-line between enthusiasm and expectation. Conversely, expectation comes from the realm of faith so wherever there is a real expectation the supernatural will manifest. If God gave you a word,  from that word is the faith of God to see it through manifestation.

3. Prophetic. A lot of churches that are traditional prophetic houses don’t get miracles, because they focus on what is coming, but don’t ever focus on what is here now and faith is NOW. Im not,  in anyway, against the prophetic. I have been prophesying, I can’t even say how long, but a third day prophet needs a third day NOW word. Miracles are NOW.

The Supernatural Encounter 2014 (October 29th – November 1)
The Lord spoke to me that a Jospeh coat is being given to the people of God for prosperity, and that spheres of the Supernatural are being opened, these are the times where the things that have been hidden are being made known. The earth is coming into a time of shortage, this year God has blessed and accelerated money because of what is coming, the lord is preparing us to have storehouses.

Every sphere necessary for the church is being loosed: Apostolic, Prophetic, Miracle, Prosperity and a Supernatural Encounter with the Glory of God that will mark your destiny.
“Prepare my people for what is about to come”.
A time when every part of the believers life needs to become supernaturalized.

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