Psalmist Raine: Saturating God’s People With His Song

God uses His minstrels and psalmists to speak to the world. Prophetic psalmists are gifted with the ability to sing “what thus saith the Lord.” Psalmist Raine is one of the people God has called for this season. She was commissioned to do what hasn’t been done before in Gospel music; she recorded a virtually unrehearsed live prophetic recording.


Recorded at Chicagoland Christian Center Embassy in late 2015, ReFresh Worship Live broke new ground in Gospel music. The 2½ hour recording featured only one rehearsed song, the first song, by Raine and the ReFresh Team prior to the night of the event; all other songs were given to the gifted prophetic psalmist on the spot. The result was an unforgettable worship experience and a collection of songs truly inspired by God. Captured on two CDs and a DVD, the musical recordings are now available on iTunes and other digital music outlets. The DVD, which showcases the worship-filled night in living color, can be purchased on the artist’s website,

RaineRefreshWorshipCDCoverThe recording of ReFresh Worship Live was an enormous step of faith for the psalmist. Few artists can imagine stepping on a stage, standing before hundreds of people with no idea of the songs that will be sung. “About a year ago, the Lord spoke to me about doing a live ReFresh recording,” recounts Raine. “I was excited because I had songs that God had given me. But He said ‘no’ to the songs I already had. He said that He wanted it to be a straight prophetic recording. That was very, very challenging for me. I had never heard of anyone doing a prophetic recording before. Literally, we had to remain open and build stamina and endurance for the presence of the Lord. We had to consecrate ourselves so that we could remain in His presence for the entire recording,” says Raine.

ReFresh Worship Live contains 23 songs of surrendered worship and exuberant praise. Joining in the night’s events were prophetic speakers stepping from the audience to the mic, speaking inspired words which flowed flawlessly with the divinely-motivated psalms. Liturgical dancers added to the majesty of the evening. Songs like “You Are Welcome”, “Here We Are Lord”, “The Well” and “Right Here In This Room” showcase the vocal talents of the gifted worship leader. Up-tempo tracks like “We Send Up Praise (Fill This House)”, “Ride The Wave”, and “In Your Refreshing” easily take the believer to another place of praise. Exhibiting a dynamic execution of one song after another, the project is perfect for anyone wanting to get closer to the Lord.

Music and worship has been part of Raine’s life for years. She is an ordained elder, a prophetess and the Worship Arts Pastor at Life in Christ Family Worship Center in Chicago. In addition to leading worship, she also trains other worship leaders through her ReFresh Workshops and her newly formed ReFresh Worship Institute, Inc.

A nominee for the Chicago Gospel Music Award for Praise & Worship Artist of the Year and Winner of the Peculiar Art Award from Kierra Sheard’s BRL (Bold Right Life) Chicago Chapter, she was a member of the University Choir at Grambling State University in Grambling, LA.

She’s been influenced by artists such as Lecresia Campbell, Bridgette Campbell, Todd Dulaney, Maurice Griffin, Lonnie Hunter and many others. ReFresh Worship Live is Raine’s sophomore release; her debut album, Believe Again – The Live Experience, was released in 2013 to rave reviews. Believe Again – The Live Experience contained songs like “God Is In Control”, “Change Me” and “Miracle”. Her first project was just preparation for the dynamic release that followed it.

A native of Chicago, Illinois, Raine has been called to share God’s message of hope, love, healing, and deliverance with the world through the vehicle of song. Growing up in a home filled with music, her parents recall her humming the theme song to “All In The Family” at the age of 6 months. Both sides of her family were gifted with music, even through multiple generations. As early as the age of 4, Raine began hitting the airwaves singing on the Isabelle Joseph Johnson radio show on Sunday Mornings at 6AM, as well as being featured at the age of 8 on the Gatling’s Radio program on WYCA 92.3 FM, both in Chicago.

As she grew up, Raine participated in multiple church and community choirs, from childhood all the way to college. Each time she was recognized as a soloist or a lead singer. In college, Raine was given the opportunity to become a member of the University Choir at Grambling State University in Grambling, LA. Being a part of these musical groups afforded her opportunities to tour and travel throughout the U.S. and internationally.

Throughout her musical life, Raine has worked with a number of artists within the Gospel music industry. LeCresia Campbell, Bridget Campbell, Todd Dulaney, Kevin Gray, Maurice Griffin, Ernie Allen, Lonnie Hunter, Cynthia Nunn, Darryl Hallman, and Leon Dubose have all played a part in nurturing her gift, whether in the role of teacher or trainer of music. They are just a few of the people who have blessed her along her musical journey. In addition, some of Raine’s vocal talents and stage training were honed from her years of being a part of the Emmett Till Players under the tutelage of the late Mamie Till Mobley, mother of Emmett Till, whose death ignited the fire for the Civil Rights Movement.
Psalmist Raine has been seen on Atlanta Live, Babbie’s House, Nite Line, Bridges on the Christian Television Network, TBN, TCT and other television stations and in publications such as Simple Grace Magazine and The Belle Report.

For Raine, it all comes back to worship. “When I am on stage, my mindset is really on creating an atmosphere conducive for God to inhabit,” says Raine. “When God enters, I feel His presence and the power arrests people. That’s what I long for, the presence of God.”

For more information on Psalmist Raine, log on to Connect with Raine on Facebook and Twitter (@psalmistraine).

By Andrea R. Williams

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