Process to My “God-Given” Path

There is a process in moving from the position of being stuck to being catapulted into the right direction. Not too long ago that’s where I was. Unemployed, applying to jobs left and right, and repeatedly hearing the words “you’re too qualified” or “you’re not qualified enough.” Does this sound familiar?

As you take in the words on this page, keep in mind that God has a plan, Romans 8:28 (ONM) says, “and we know that, for those who love God, He works all things for good, for those who are called according to His purpose.”

Earlier this year, I was invited to an entrepreneur-networking event in Chicago, IL. This event included investors, entrepreneurs, inventors, CEO’s and people of all walks of life. I kept thinking to myself, “what am I going to talk about?” and  “What is the point of me attending?” But once I arrived, I didn’t allow my situation or self doubts, stop me from conversing with other individuals. So many there were blessed with witty ideas; (such as owning their own wine label), some were social workers, others venture capitalists, and so I chose to engage with the mindset that I was there to learn, and learn I did.

My eyes were opened to a whole new way of thinking and a business savvy lifestyle. I began to soon picture myself owning my own business. I began to visualize myself attending more networking events, speaking at conferences, having a voice. I began to speak into my life that God bless my family and business, and that He would bless me indeed. Doesn’t it all sound great? Right the visualization, the affirmations, but I must once again bring the word “process” to the forefront. My process has not been an easy one and at times I felt discouraged, then there were times where I’d let my situations get the best of me.

The scripture I would refer to in my time of my trials and situations is 1 Peter 1:6 (ONM) which says, “In which you must continually rejoice, even if it must be for a short time, now you are grieved in various trials.”

A few months later, I was invited back to the networking event (on the same day the event was taking place). Now my plans had been to binge watch TV shows and curl up in my snuggie, not to drive two hours to Chicago, just to turn around and drive two hours back, but something was pushing me to go. I couldn’t focus on the TV shows I wanted to watch, I tried reading a book, but nothing was keeping my interest. So I got ready and made my way to Chicago. On the way there, I was talking with God. I asked for safe travels, was binding things left and right and asked for him to meet me at point B. I no longer believe coincidences are mere coincidences, but that there are divine reasons and a purposes behind them. So I asked God to open my eyes and ears to what that purpose was.

That day, I met my boss. Him and another individual said there was something about me that called for an introduction, and I wound up talking with that group off and on until the event ended. That same night, we made plans to meet at a later date, to get to know each other more and to discuss the open position within his startup company. A few months later, I began my work in market research.

During this time, my Pastor said something during one of his teachings that stuck with me, {paraphrasing a bit}, “stop living a paycheck faith and began to access your God given faith.” Meaning stop operating and living paycheck-to-paycheck and start living a payday experience. The company I began to work for was still in the funding stage, so I was working without pay. Even though, I wasn’t seeing the monetary aspect of working, I knew it was coming, but I felt that I was getting paid in a way that doors were opening up for me to meet other like-minded individuals, and those who have been where I was and saw potential for more out of life.

I have been blessed to attend conferences in supplier diversity settings that showed me what I could look forward to for when I am on the other side owning and pushing my business forward. I received the opportunity to attend a few more of the networking events and ran into individuals who remembered me from the first time I had attended. I also spoke to some who were first time attendees and I was able to point them in the direction they were looking for and I even had a few contacts they could reach out. I did some networking of my own, by accepting their contact information and making sure to leave a lasting impression.

Walking in faith, being an active participant in the work I was doing, inquiring of the Lord on a regular basis helped me to not become distracted from what God was doing in my life. As I continuously did this, God began to do work in my life; from people coming into my church as guest speakers, speaking into my life of what God is about to do. I remember one gentleman earlier in the year said, “that God was going to start speaking to me in my dreams.” And I was like, “hmm ok,” didn’t really think anything of it, considering I hadn’t dreamt in a long time.

Not even two weeks later, God began dropping bits and pieces of my manuscript, the book he wrote about me before I was formed in my mothers womb, into my dreams. Then, when He couldn’t catch me in my dreams, He would catch me when I was awake (day dreaming/visions). There’s more that came about during these dreams but I’m just focusing on the business aspect for now. So, God blessed me with the name of my company, different ways to go about learning about LLC’s, to actually having a dream of me doing part of what my company is going to be about, and the dream being confirmed prophetically by Dr. Belinda John. She was able to describe to me what all my business would entail, and how I would be working with entrepreneurs, and helped to give me clarity and direction.

I am now in the “process” of working towards structuring my LLC and seeing the manifestation of that God given dream.

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Jasmine Randle

I remember telling my sisters and my mom, "don't be surprised if I show up one day with a book in my hand with my name on it." Not knowing what I spoke over myself back then would have such an impact on my life today. Writing and Editing is not something that I stumbled upon, it has always been a part of me. I tried different careers, but they never worked out, for God always led me back to writing and editing, and did it in a way that I had to laugh and thank Him. So, I gladly walk the path He has chosen for me to operate, live and walk in. I believe that writing for Shulamite Women Magazine, is a part of the journey God has me on and that one day I will stand in front of my sisters and mom with a book in my hand with my name on it.

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