Pastor Natalie B. Green:Impacting and Imparting!

We endeavor to reach beyond our own needs and minister to the spiritual and emotional needs of others.  Emphasis is placed on a lifestyle of intimacy with God through personal worship as the means to accessing God’s presence in a tangible way.  A hallmark of Heart of God Ministries is the Women of Purpose fellowship, in which women are taught to connect with their divine purpose and thereby make an impact on the world around them.

Her call to leadership:  After many years of serving in a prominent church in Miami, my husband, Pastor James A. Green was prompted by the Holy Spirit to relieve his ailing father from ministry in one of the most difficult areas for ministry in the inner city of Miami.

Overcoming difficulties: The biggest challenge we had to face was the one we experienced in our own mindset.  Coming from a relatively large ministry in a good neighborhood and an abundant supply of resources to meet the needs of the ministry to a small ministry in the middle of what seem to be the devil’s playground incited a battle of the minds and the wills.  The end result of that experience has produce in me a passion for all people, especially those who seem to be forgotten.  

This assignment has shown a light on what the gospel ministry is all about.  It’s almost impossible to serve in those conditions without a heart of compassion flowing from the love and grace of God.  We now have a clear understanding of the scripture God gave us as the theme for our ministry in Luke 4:18 … to heal the brokenhearted.  Challenges?  Yes.  Difficulties?  Yes.  Impossible?  No.  

Sharing a word of encouragement:  If there is a word of encouragement I would give to anyone whether in ministry or not, it is to hopefully embrace every assignment you are given in life.  View life as a Mosaic, which is a work of art produced by the arranging together of small colored pieces of hard material.  God uses everything we encounter in life for our good.  

Growing up poor, the fifth child of seven from a single mother, I struggled with the idea that God saw something in me He could use for the good of others.  Even now I remind myself that who I am is not about where I come from but about to Whom I belong.  I embrace 2 Cor. 3:5 which tells me my sufficiency is of God.  I am made in His image and being transformed into His likeness.  I encourage you to do the very same.  Speak out loud and say to yourself, my life is a work of art.  Although the final outcome may be a compilation of hard times and good times, none of it comes as a surprise to God who has deposited within you everything you need to fulfill His plan for your life.

Her Closing Words:  Dream big and dream out loud. 

Refuse to leave this earth without imparting your “life print” into it.  You were created for greatness and the only thing that can stop you is YOU. 

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