Pastor Hart Ramsey: From the Pastors Heart

Speaks on raising a people of excellence: Good role models are a necessary part of preparing one’s launch into their God-assigned destinies. I always teach that, your pace is legal! God will spend thirty years preparing you for three years of ministry. That preparation entails getting to know Him.  However, many can and do get easily side-tracked while focusing more on developing their gifts than on building a relationship with Him.

Although there are many within the body of Christ today, (it’s like an association of the highly talented and super-gifted), who do have polished gifts, one must always be aware that a well developed gift still needs to be complimented by maturity of character, and the only cure for immaturity is growth. People must grasp that who you are now is not who you will always be! Some people begin to compare and believe that equal or comparative gifting qualifies them to be released in this season, and when they get out there they realize such is not always the case. There is much character work that comes before a release.


No one glorifies process but, God does not miss you, overlook you, or forget you! Could it be that God has hid you in plain sight, because you may be gifted but you are not ready? A young lady in my ministry once left the ministry because she felt that her gift was being overlooked and not used, only to end up coming back after relationally her life had unraveled. God does not want us to prove that we can do it. The lesson was that God was not interested in what she could do, but in who she was becoming.

Speaks on the challenges faced when establishing his ministry: When we first started the ministry, so many people said it couldn’t be done; wrong place, wrong time, wrong person, etc. This is something that people who are called need to be careful of—I was hanging around people that were benefiting from my gift so much, that when God gave the directive and confirmation, the people that I was connected to felt a loss, to the point that I experienced a real-life Saul and David encounter. Additionally, there were so many people telling me that it was not God that I was hearing, but when I got alone with the Lord, He asked me, “Are you going to listening to them or to me?”. God was teaching me the difference between man’s voice and His voice, that was my first lesson. My next lesson was to remove the shame and the fear of failure that I felt internally, and my third lesson was to not measure the will of God by the response of people, because nothing ever turns out the way it begins.

There are lessons we learn in failure that we would never learn otherwise. God is near to that those are broken hearted and of a contrite spirit, and so these classrooms called disappointment and discouragement are powerful places in life that teach us the right posture of how to lean and get closer to God. From that posture we learn not to lean on our own understanding, but we learn how to become more sensitive to the Holy Spirit.

Speaks on growing a church: Build a core group, show them the vision, then from there get your inner core group, and then from there,  you’ll find one that is the closest. Remember that even if there are only four people in the room with you, they are going to escort you and take you into your next place. God is the one with the plan, and he already knows what He is going to do. There are times God is dealing with internal things before the expansion begins so that we learn how to operate in larger settings.

Build an infrastructure for growth, there should always be room for a larger group. Pastors should be challenged to move from Sheep herder to rancher. The church is the classroom of the kingdom, so we need to trust others, teach ministers how to lead, and allow them to minister to the people.

On sharing a word of encouragement: from Genesis to Revelation God finds people in the most unseemly places, and he has a way of thrusting them right into their divine purpose. God never creates a vessel that does not have a purpose. You are being positioned right where you are!

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