Pastor Dorcas Laboy: Knowing God & His Purpose for Us

“Love God above all else.  They didn’t teach me to love a religion or a particular church; they imparted in me to love the Lord, love Jesus, and partake of the Holy Spirit.”

Many parents—well-intentioned—teach their children about church and honouring the house, instead of honouring the God who is the Founder of and purpose for the church house.  Pastor Dorcas goes on to speak about the difference between the physical church and God.

“The church is not God; a building is not God; a name of a group or denomination is not God.  God is a Person and He wants people to know Him through Jesus Christ.  That’s why God sent His Son, Jesus Christ, and…offered His only Child because He wanted the world to know Him in a personal way.”

Knowing God and His Son Christ is exactly what Dorcas came to do—and still strives to do.  She now pastors History Makers International Ministries (Ministerio Internacional History Makers), a thriving Hispanic ministry, in Marrieta, GA with her loving husband Ariel Robles.  They have been pastoring for 10 years, while Dorcas has served as the Senior Pastor for five.

Pastor Dorcas now has a passion for unity in the church.  As a non-denominational believer, she firmly believes that people must be aware that a physical church is not God, neither is a denomination; only God is God and the Church is the Body and also the Bride.  Each person, each denomination has a specific role in the Body, but one is not more important than the other.  She also believes that each individual should come to have their own relationship with Christ instead of merely participating in religion religious ritual.

“If we could get a divine connection [to God] and understanding, then we would not live a frustrated life.  And we would know who we are and not believe in what people say we are; we would not allow denominations to dictate who we are.”

This is not an indictment against any person or denomination.  Pastor Dorcas’ heart is simply that we would not look to a denomination to ask what we can get from it, but rather, what we can give to it.  She goes on to expound on a powerful passage of scripture.     

“In the First Letter of Peter, he was explaining that we are the living rocks, so the building is not living; it’s us that are living in the building.  Therefore, it’s us that are supposed to bring the Living God into the church.”

We are made to be the lifeblood of the Church, not an organization or administration telling us what we ought to be.  The Body of Christ is so much more than that.  Yet, her passion for knowing, understanding, and teaching God-given purpose is not just for the Body of Christ at large, but also specifically for the women who partake in that Body.  

Pastor Dorcas desires to minister to the innermost parts of women suffering with identity and self-esteem issues inside of the Latino Church as well as the Church Body as a whole across all colour lines.  She proclaims that “women are God’s intention”.

“In a lot of cultures, [they] have been taught that the role of women is a secondary role or inferior [to the man’s role], but that’s erroneous because the plan of God was the woman.”

What a powerful statement!  Women are God’s intention; the plan of God and of heaven.  If that doesn’t start to minister to one’s self-esteem and purpose in life, there’s no telling what will!  

Purpose and intention; divine unity instead of denominational division; feminine empowerment instead of female inferiority—these are the heart of Pastor Dorcas Laboy.  

Dr. Myles Munroe has a popular quote that states, “Where purpose is not known, abuse is inevitable”.  This phrase could not be more true.  As a child, Dorcas was directed to the purpose of her existence—to know God for Himself, and now, she ministers to others in the prayerful hope that they will break free from the chains of denominational hurts and gender misconceptions and embrace the freedom and unity found in Christ.  Where the Spirit of the Lord is there is liberty and Pastor Dorcas’ life and ministry exude that truth to the fullest.  Her message is not merely for the Latino community for the Church at large; we would do well to heed her words.

Pastor Dorcas Laboy is the Senior Pastor of History Makers International Ministries
Based in Marrietta, Georgia

Interview by: Belinda John, D.D.

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