Nothing Ordinary About This Life: Dr. Mary Thompson


Dr. Mary Thompson was born and raised in the housing projects of Miami-Dade County. After completing much of her formative years of education in the Miami-Dade public school system, she went off to college in Baton Rouge Louisiana and earned her Bachelor of Science in Liberal Arts. Dr. Thompson entered Queens Medical Center in Long Island and completed her Registered Nurse degree; later teaching obstetrics at Cumberland City Hospital. Her pursuit of higher education did not stop there, achieving both graduate and post-graduate accolades, ultimately earning her Doctorate in Christian Psychology from Jacksonville Theological Seminary.

Calm before the storm. In 1991, doctors discovered a cyst following a routine breast exam. As protocol would have it, a procedure was scheduled to remove the cyst at 10am on April 5th of that year. By 7pm, Dr. Thompson was met with news that the biopsy on her cyst returned malignant- this was not good. A subsequent surgery confirmed malignant tumors in her breast but none were found in the 12 lymph nodes, located under her right arm. The attending Physician urged her to begin chemotherapy at once, assuring that it would give her a better quality of life by doing so. As a nurse who administered chemo to patients at one time, Dr. Thompson did not believe medical science was advanced enough, in the 90’s, so she opted out. Instead, she resolved to take 35 treatments of radiation therapy.

When you know who you are and whose you are. Dr. Thompson knew she belonged to God and trusted that He would take care of her. After successfully completing her treatments, she was now required to have a mammogram done every year for the rest of her life. In 1993, her test results were not favorable and she underwent several lump node surgeries in the same area. Prior to her surgery, the Holy Spirit told her to contact her Pastor who prayed for her and told her that everything would be alright. Dr. Thompson recalls the warm feeling that came over her on her way to surgery and immediately said, “thank you Lord”, because she felt it was a healing sensation. When she told the doctor that she did not believe it was cancer, he replied by saying “I do not have the faith that you have,” so she allowed him to perform the surgery. When the results returned the doctor confirmed that it was only scar tissue and not cancer.

For many years Dr. Thompson was in and out of the hospital, because her test results kept returning questionable outcomes in alternate years. Around 1995, her mammogram showed that there was another area of concern on her left breast. Cancer typically travels from one side to the next. Dr. Thompson overheard- what she assumed was the doctors attempt at an inside voice- telling his nurse practitioner that, he tried to get her to take chemo and she refused, but Dr. Thompson pretended she did not hear.

Fear gripped her like never-before and she really had to seek God at that point. Although fear wanted to take up residence, Dr. Thompson learned over the years not to let fear paralyzed her. This time she was sent to see a cancer specialist at the University of Miami’s Sylvester Cancer Center, who also performed the surgery. She prayed without ceasing as she waited on her test results. The results returned negative results on both sides. Her relief was short lived, however, when a routine exam turned out poorly in 1999. That year Dr. Thompson had a church conference scheduled to take place during the proposed time of her surgery. She asked her doctor if he could wait until after the conference and he agreed. It was at that conference she received a prophetic word that anyone there with tumors or cancer would be healed, and the next thing she knew, it felt as if the tumor literally fell off. “Thank you God,” she exclaimed. The results from her surgery came back negative.

When it rains it pours. 2001 was a new year with a new diagnosis. This time her Mammography Sonogram showed that she was suffering from cardiac problems and had to see a cardiologist urgently. She said, “God this is in your hands.” After receiving an emergency appointment and undergoing an entire work-up, Dr. Thompson mustered the courage to ask, “how bad?” The doctor turned to her and said, “there is nothing wrong with your heart.” “Praise God,” she said. That did not stop the need to have procedures done in alternate years. Dr. Thompson remembers a conversation she had with God, “I’m not going to ask why, if you let me live to see my children graduate from High School and go to College, I will do anything for you.” It was shortly thereafter that her spiritual mother prayed for her from 6pm to 6am, 3 nights in a row, because she said the cycle had to stop and it did!

Draw all men. There were 5-8 medical professionals who became born again Christians because of Dr. Thompson’s experience. As a 26th year breast cancer survivor, Dr. Thompson knew God used her as a show piece to let people know what He can do. “Often times God does not show everything,” she said. It was in her early 20’s when she came down with Sarcoidosis and was healed of the incurable disease that took the life of a famed football player. She knew God was a healer, she was special to Him and that she would be His show piece to minister to others. God has given her the vision to pen and self-publish 4 books, the first of which was, “Ordinary People Death Sentence Diagnosis Secret of Surviving.”

On March 24, 2007, this mighty Woman of God
was ordained as a Prophetess Evangelist in Freeport,
Bahamas by Apostle Anthony and Anne Grant
of Agape House A Call to Holiness Ministries International.

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