My God Given Purpose

Many times, as women, we find ourselves so consumed with life that our God given purpose is denied.

As a Life Coach and minister, I often work with women who feel that their lives have no value and their daily routine only frustrates them. The stress of family, raising children, desire for the “perfect” relationship and career choices tend to weigh heavily on our shoulders and in our heart.  All are important, but those things come once we understand and walk in our God-given purpose.

I often speak and write about purpose in life, but I too have had times of disappointment and great frustration. I raised my children, made myself available for all those in need, and suffered more than one life mistake.  After giving myself a chance to really see my dreams, listen to my soul, and love me for me; I finally found my earnest desire and my God given purpose.  In that I realized all my life experiences, both good and bad, brought me to that point of qualification with wisdom and knowledge.  I came to the realization that my personal truth was not squeaky clean. That eye opener helped me to see that what I went through was not only for me, but for others as well.

While writing this article, I thought about my life.  How can molestation, rape, drugs, sexual confusion and depression have anything to do with my God given purpose? It was to inspire others.  I survived them all for a reason that is beyond me and the fullness of it has not yet been told.  There was a time I sought safety by hiding behind a mask and false pretenses. The truth is, those were the obstacles God chose to set me apart, putting me in the position to tell you today, that there is a God given purpose hidden deep inside of you.

Remember that second chances come every day.  Every breath you breathe, even every tear you cry has meaning.  Allow God to unlock that gift inside of you.  At the point of your creation, you were given an assignment; a purpose.  A purpose for being here on this earth. The process of that assignment is in the experiences you have that cause you to stand out and be different from everyone around you.  I love this quote shared through a video of Mr. Mike Tyson, Champion Boxer:

“Wisdom is when you carry the weight of God’s purpose.” The author is unknown, but God knows exactly who you are.
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Karen Donald

Dr. Karen L. Donald is truly a woman of personal victory. As a trainer, International Speaker and 20 years of Multimedia experience, she has offered cutting edge training and coaching across the globe. She has been most demanded as a life coach for business, sales teams and personal development, which focuses on workshops for the total man. She is a survivor of different forms of abuse, which is her message and medicine for empowerment and emotional healing.Her future goals include the launching of a new Professional Development Program that aims to rain those who work with the “At Risk” population. She is passionate about community services, and firmly believes that anyone who works with families should be aware of ways to help others, with respect. Her words of encouragement to all are that “everyday you live is a second chance at life! For booking and information regarding Dr. Karen’s appearances, email today at

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