Martha Munizzi: Releasing the Worshipper

Award-winning Gospel music singer, songwriter, and author, Martha Munizzi shares during an exclusive interview on fulfilling the call upon her life. 

On Birthing the Ministry: Music has always been an integral part of who she is. She explains how being raised in a musically inclined family, being used with the youth within her church, and being a part of the worship experience all cultivated the gift inside of her. 

Then I met my husband, who introduced me to gospel music and to who Andre Crouch was, I was about 16-17 years old then, and that was all I needed to hear. The rest is history, but it was really the local church where I got my start, and cut my CD, and so much has happened since then, but it’s truly been a lifetime experience of just loving music and being involved in worship.

Speaks on the difficulties: It’s easy to believe that some folks are just born privileged but such was not with Martha, the Lord had her to birth a true testimony.

Getting through the waiting moments. Waiting on the Lord, He gives us the desires of our hearts, He gives us the vision, you see the potential and possibilities of where you desire to be  and then dealing with the moments, where its seems like it’s not happening, and where the doors aren’t opening, and the finances aren’t flowing, and these can all be very discouraging depending on how you spend your times in those seasons. There’s not just one, there are always times like this because it’s a faith walk,  it’s just trusting the Lord.

By rejecting the frustrations and distractions that came with those seasons Martha learned how to lean into God, and shares some valueable insight: Make spending time with the Lord a priority. Not legalistically, but by discipline one should incubate themselves to get the word in, seek God, read scripture and listen to worship music. Feed your spirit, and discipline your mind to be focused on God. For several months, while being disciplined herself in this area, she recounts of days where every morning she’d grab her coffee and watched Joyce Meyers on TV,  or played Christian music, or would just pray first thing in the morning and it would just set the day.

Speaks on Worship: “I always encourage worship leaders don’t just be a worship leader, be a worshipper! Don’t sing, worship.” She continues to say,  “When it’s a true experience for you, then others follow along. You don’t have to beat people over the head, because if we are spending time in the Lord on our own, then the platform is just  the overflow of what’s happened all week. Many people struggle to make things happen on Sunday when really it should just be the overflow”.

She firmly believes that what happens in your private time affects what happens in your public life.  People can tell when you are truly spending time and developing in God. Martha shares on how she excited she is about what she sees in the Body of Christ, all across the Board, in the area of worship and the hunger for God’s presence she encounters. God’s glory is being poured out on all flesh and I’m excited to see where the church is headed as it pertains to worship.  
When asked which songs are closest to her heart:  “All my songs are like my children, so it’s hard to pick just one, but one song that set me free was when the Lord gave me a song from Jeremiah 23, ‘I know the plans I have for you’ . That song came during one of those excruciating times, when I was waiting on the Lord, and we had done all the work, and we saw nothing manifest. Then God gave me this and I just cried and cried, and I told the Lord, I need to know that you didn’t bring us all the way out here to just leave us here and he directed me to this scripture and right then I began to see it over my life and I felt strengthened, nothing changed, but I had changed, which means in that moment everything changed”.   

Martha Munizzi’s Secrets for Vocal Care:
1.  Diet, exercise, and babying your voice are essential.
2.  Learning to vocalize.
3.  Massaging your vocals, (taking 2 fingers and massage the front of your throat).
4.  Warming up before you sing at least 15-20 minutes.
5.  Don’t overdo it, on days that you can’t hit the high notes stay away from them.  
6.  A good vocal coach can make a tremendous different.

Her Closing Words: If it’s God’s plan for you, don’t get weary in well doing, its worth the wait, he has ordered your steps, so don’t lose hope! It’s God’s plan, so we don’t have to know the plan, it’s for him to know and for us to trust him. So what should we do in the meantime?  Rejoice in the Lord always, pray without ceasing, and in everything give thanks!

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