Let Go and Let God

I believe it is the root cause of why so many people are stagnated and unable to maximize their full potential in ministry.  The spirit of control works along with the spirit of fear. It is the fear of being replaced, upstaged or unable to gain the loyalty of followers that causes leaders to gain control via manipulation and scare tactics. When these spirits are operating in a Leader, those they are called to lead never come into maturity. Instead they are codependent and unable to make the best decisions for themselves. Rather than being God centered, they are leader centered.Leaders have the responsibility to develop and mentor those they lead in the area of their gifting. If they lead in the spirit of fear and control, the result will not be Godly. Instead of developing a people who will lead the next generation, they underdevelop people who only know how to be subordinate but not how to lead. The key to overcoming these enemies of leadership success is to let go and let God. When you allow God to show you how to lead and you let go of your insecurities the results will yield success in all your endeavors. As a leader you must understand that everyone has a calling that is uniquely theirs. No one can take your place in the Kingdom. There is a place for everyone. God’s vision is too big for people to be held down, held back and denied opportunities for ministerial growth.
Your responsibility as a leader is not to see how many people you can get to serve your vision. Instead it should be how many people you can empower and release to become leaders in the area of their gifting. This is what kingdom leadership is all about. We are here not to suppress, oppress and control anyone, we are here to develop, empower and liberate people so that they can maximize their potential.
When we as leaders come into the understand that the reason for our existence is for the fulfillment of the heavenly vision, and that our individual visions should be as a result of that, then it will be easy for us to let go and let God control how we lead. Ministry should not be built on a personality. It should be build for the purpose of advancing God’s Kingdom. God is not your guess He is the author and finisher of all things. He does not govern by fear or control. Instead He gives us the opportunity and the option to be a part of His plans. Let’s lead God’s way – he who is the greatest among you let him be a servant to all. (Luke 22:26b The Message Bible)

When we let go and let God (do it God’s way), the results will far surpass what we could ever do in our natural strength and the effects will be eternal.





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