Just Because It Sounds Healthy, Doesn’t Mean It Is

I want to share all the secrets that most trainers and fitness gurus refuse to share without the cost.

When I began this journey as a personal trainer never in my wildest dreams would I had expected to witness such amazing transformations. I first started out as a TRX Instructor and eventually transitioned to a Life Coach. The position I’m in gives me the ability to work with women of all shapes and sizes. They all have different goals and it’s my job to help them be successful.

I find that the biggest struggle for most is the inability
to make healthy food choices.

For instance, I’ll give you an example. If you had to choose between salmon, rice and a vegetable or a lean steak with veggies; which one do you think you’d be more apt to select?

Most would probably go with the Salmon because it’s a fish and just seems like the healthier choice. When in reality the Salmon is a terrible choice if combined with rice. A rule to keep in mind is that any fatty protein is never to be eaten in conjunction with a carbohydrate. Another example is fruit. Everyone seems to think that fruit is ok, all the time and as much as we want when in reality fruit is high in sugar and if not burned through proper cardio it will convert to fat and makes us lethargic.

There are so many do’s and don’ts to healthy eating and as we begin this new season with Shulamite Magazine, I want to share all the secrets that most trainers and fitness gurus refuse to share without a cost. We will talk about how certain foods affect your hormones and how you can actually lose weight without exercise! That’s right!

So stay tuned for Total U’s next article. It’ll bless you and take you on a new found love for health and fitness!

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Joanna Pope

Joanna Pope is a columnist for our fitness and nutrition column "Total Women- From the inside out". She assists her husband at 'Life on the Horizon Ministries Church' in Orlando, Fl. She is a Certified Personal Trainer and Judge with the National Physique Committee. She went from being an overweight yo-yo dieter to fully breaking her sugar addiction from comfort foods and has become a Professional Fitness Champion. Her testimony of professing God's transforming word over her life, is what she eagerly shares with her readers. This newly emerged Joanna states "My goal is to inspire and motivate my readers to live a life that Glorifies God by taking care of His temple. Let the journey begin today!" Her column 'Total U' is amongst the many great columns here at Shulamite Women Online Magazine. Her readers gain first hand professional and biblical knowledge into how God reconstructs us from the inside out.

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