Judy Jacobs: Anointed for This

Speaks on Women in Ministry: The prophecy of Joel is coming to pass,”my spirit is being poured out on all flesh! “, I believe we are smack dab in the middle of what God is doing. Women supported Jesus ministry and if you look at the Church today it is made up of 2/3rd women. One third alone is not going to be able to bring in the Harvest. So, its going to take us ALL to get the Harvest. We are about to see the skies open up and the church raptured and we are right here at this time in prophecy, I fully believe this is where we are.

maxresdefault[1]Speaks on the Call: I was 8 years old when I gave my life to Jesus and 12 years old when I began traveling to different ministries with my sisters. So ministry has always been a part of my life, and a part of my DNA. It’s like trying to separate body from breath for me. This is all that I know, all that I’ve done, and all that I want to do. I was 12 years old when I was baptized in the Holy Spirit and the power and anointing of God increased in my life, and it was evident because prior to I was so shy and bashful.

Judy Jacobs ministry started in 1990, I knew that the call was on my life, doors began to open, and I began to travel, that’s how I met my husband, he was a drummer and I was a singer. Doors began to open for me to speak, I knew I could sing, and other things, but God was calling me to a greater degree of ministry. As the calls would come in, I turned down some of those opportunities and then one day during prayer and fasting the Lord said to me ” Who are you to turn down the doors that I have opened up for you?” I knew I had to make a decision, and this was a tough decision that was going to alienate me from my comfort zone, everything that was comfortable was being knocked out from under me and I had to walk by this thing called faith and I knew that I had to obey the Lord. I’ll never forget the day I went in to tell the directors that I could no longer be a part of the group and that God was calling me to go solo, I received their blessings and I remember going back home and collapsing. I cried out to God, and I needed God’s Glory. As I opened my bible, I fell upon the scripture ” I have never seen the righteous forsaken nor His seed begging for bread” and that to me was the defining moment that it was settled in my heart. Over the years I would have to go back and meditate on this scripture. One thing I learned about the scripture “the just shall live by faith”, is that this scripture is not going anywhere, you can rip it out of your bible, you can tear it up, put fire to it, or even eat it up, but nothing will negate the fact that the Bible declares that “the just shall live by Faith”.

Like Joyce Meyers once said to me
“Judy, you are going to have to step out to find out”
If you never step out you will never know.
“I shutter in my shoes to think about where I would be
if I had not stepped out”.

Shares a Word of Encouragement: I don’t ever want to stay in the same grade. God brings you to kindergarten and if you don’t learn the lesson, you don’t pass. I don’t ever want to stay in the same place. I want to go from faith to faith, and glory to glory. I want to reach the glory! We must walk in obedience every single day of our lives, no matter what that may look like, but you’ll never move on to step 2, if you don’t get passed step 1. “If you are willing and obedient you will eat the good of the Land”. Don’t stay where you are do something different.  Put your plate aside and fast, to hear God. God is still waiting on us to make the move, we get new results by doing a new thing. Prayer changes everything. Get people with like understanding to come into agreement with you and pray you into that next place. Stand in faith and refuse to budge.

You are anointed to get through where you are right now.
The Power of the Holy Spirit is for You!
God wants to use every single one of us.
(Get the book! You are Anointed For this!)

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