Jennifer Stanley: Forsake All and Take Him

I was on my way home one day and received a phone call from the man in my vision. He asked me whether or not the Lord showed me anything else about him. I was in shock and asked him, “Why?” He shared that there was a day at church when the Lord told him to look in the direction I was sitting. When he did he saw me and the Lord said I was his wife. Then the Lord said “two years!”

Early one morning I had a supernatural encounter, one like I had never experienced before. It was about 3:00 am when the Lord took me into a vision and showed me this man. The man had on an apostolic robe like an Apostle. The glory of God was surrounding him, and he carried weight in the spirit. Next, I noticed a big book in his hands, and out of it poured the revelation of the Lord. As the Lord showed me the assignment he placed on this man of God’s life, I felt as if I knew him because my spirit instantly connected with his.

The Lord shared with me many things about this man then he showed me his face. When he showed me his face, he spoke to my spirit and declared that this would be my husband. Then the Lord said, “two years.”

I denied what I was seeing because this man just started attending my church. I was in recovery from a seven-year relationship, I entered into out of the will of God; so I asked the Lord to show me all kinds of signs! One was that the man he revealed to me would have to be up at the same time this encounter was happening.

Boy did God show me! The next morning I was compelled to share with the man in my vision what the Lord said concerning his life, minus the husband part of course. I began sharing the dream, and immediately he stated that he was up at the same time having an encounter with God himself! I realized what God said was true, but I was still in denial.

For weeks, I tried to figure out why God told me that this man was my husband. This man hadn’t said anything to me and I surely wasn’t going to say anything to him. Before the vision, I asked him to be the guest psalmist for an upcoming conference I was hosting; so we had to communicate. Weeks went by, and I never engaged in a conversation about what the Lord had shared with me concerning him being my husband.

I was on my way home one day and received a phone call from the man in my vision. He asked me whether or not the Lord showed me anything else about him. I was in shock and asked him, “Why?” He shared that there was a day at church when the Lord told him to look in the direction I was sitting. When he did he saw me and the Lord said I was his wife. Then the Lord said “two years!”

I then shared with him what God shared with me, and that God had also spoken two years to me as well. Unknown to what the two years meant Apostle Anthony and I shared our experience with our Apostle at the time, and Anthony asked if it was ok to court me. Our Apostle gave him his blessings, and eight months later we were married. First in April then our ceremony followed June of twenty thirteen.

Our union took place in our Apostle’s office, and the glory of God filled the space, there wasn’t a dry eye in the room! Our ministry was immediately activated in the spirit that day, God smiled on our union. When we became one, so did our ministry, and we learned to move as a unit. Now, almost five years later we still move as a unit and have earned the name- the “Kingdom Model Couple.”

We began fasting and praying as a couple, submitting our ministry to the Lord, and holding each other accountable. Then God released a greater level of the supernatural in our lives. We began teaching Kingdom training classes and started to experience moments in ministry where angels would appear. People would receive healing, breakthrough, and deliverance instananeously because of the glory of God. The presence of God would be so evident in our services that people would be unable to stand up, and some would fall without anyone touching them.

It wasn’t long before God called us out of the ministry we attended. We shared our vision with our leader, and he gave us his blessing to leave. For two years we endured what we call the wilderness experience. We had no church home or anyone to turn to for spiritual help, so we turned to God. He began to prepare us for the mandate He placed on our lives.

We realized the two years that the Lord shared with us back in twenty twelve would be the time spent in the wilderness, developing us for the ministry ahead.

We continued to seek the face of God for what direction to go in, and shortly after He instructed us to attend a meeting where a visiting Apostle would be ministering. The Lord put it in our hearts to sow a faith seed into the Apostle, and the next day the course of our lives changed. The supernatural Faith of God manifested in our lives. We grabbed a hold to what God wanted to do in our lives, and from there Serenity Kingdom Ministries was birth.

Serenity Kingdom Ministries (SKM) is an Apostolic/Prophetic Ministry Hub formed to be a servant ministry to the Body of Christ. At Serenity Kingdom Ministries, our mandate is to lead people to God, minister to leadership as well as those seeking sound and foundational teaching from the word of God. SKM provides opportunities for training by way of, empowerment services, workshops, conferences, media publications, and personal or group mentoring. Most importantly, we impart and spread the love of Christ from the least to the greatest.


When we stepped out and obeyed the call of God on our lives, we feared others would not accept us. Many witnessed our ministry, but walking in the supernatural power of God wasn’t a common occurrence in the area we resided. The spirit of rejection wanted to stop us because we refused to conform.

Rejection of the Supernatural of God

We had no one around us that believed in the supernatural ability of God. Many talked about it but we demonstrated it. Although God stamped us by allowing signs, miracles, and wonders to follow our ministry, people labeled us as arrogant, too holy, too hard with our teaching, bitter, disobedient rebellious, crazy or all the above.


Jealousy and envy have been the worst of all and that was before we were married. It increased once we married and started moving into ministry. With an innovative mind and leadership mandate, we have always prayed about new opportunities to empower God’s people; and God blessed us to do so. As we watched God bless us to become a blessing to his people and open doors that were closed, it wasn’t long before jealousy in others arose.

People would try to befriend us to find out how we did things, with no intention of genuinely connecting.  Instead, they would attempt to duplicate what we were blessed with. There were also some who coveted our gifts and those that tried to bless us to bind us. Ultimately, people became jealous of what God was doing in our lives and how he was using us. It was difficult and hurtful, but the Holy spirit instructed us to let a lot of people we loved go.

Controlling Leadership

Leaders were telling their members not to communicate with us. Some members were a part of our family. People were experiencing change, breakthrough and the supernatural power of God, but it became a threat to some leaders within the community.

Lack of support

No one in our city would support anything we hosted including our training services. There were a handful of people who attended simply to spectate. All of our support came from surrounding areas. Eventually, the Lord instructed us to host our training sessions and events out of town.

Embrace your Wilderness experience

There are two Greek words for time: Chronos and Kairos. The Chronos time represents a time lapse or process of time while Kairos means the right or opportune moment. The Chronos timing of God is designed to mature you, adjust your character, and deliver you from people. How you handle your wilderness experiences will determine how quickly you enter your promise land! God has a purpose and a plan for your life. If you follow His blue print, you will arrive at your destination at the appointed time.

Jeremiah 29:11 (KJV) For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the Lord, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end.

The wilderness will either make or break you, but if you want to survive you must keep the F.A.I.T.H.- Forsake All and Take Him (Jesus Christ), as a woman of God once said. Being confident of this very thing, that he which hath begun a good work in you will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ (Phil 1:6 KJV):

When God puts a mandate on your life, the first thing you need to know is that the mandate is not about you. You will fight fewer battles, and win more wars by being more perceptive to this. As a result, nothing said or done to you will affect how you run the race set before you. Remember, the real fight is about the assignment God has entrusted you to do. Be encouraged and don’t forget to keep the F.A.I.T.H.


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Kerry-Ann Connell

As Managing Editor of Shulamite Women Magazine, this woman of God is committed to providing well written faith based content that is relevant, inspiring and transformative. Her community of readers seek to keep their finger on the pulse of ministry as well as our global society. Ms. Connell serves as President at World of Writing & Consulting, LLC where thoughts become words and words become life. Walking in faith has given rise to her calling for writing, youth mentorship, and ethical leadership in the marketplace. Her work experience spans through retail, finance and higher education- the foundation from which her platform was built. Ms. Connell is actively engaged with ministry at The Faith Center church, located in Sunrise Florida.

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