God’s Temple

Have you ever wondered why you’re not successful with diet and exercise?

Every time you attempt to clean up your diet, or hit the gym, one day missed ends up turning into two weeks and those two weeks turn into three months. We become complacent in our current circumstances and although we’re unhappy, the sacrifices that we need to make to see change seem way far beyond our reach.

Have you ever wondered? Why are we so scared of change? Why does sacrifice seem so foreign these days? Nothing gratifying comes easy yet we look for the quick and easy way in everything we do. We see an ad that reads, “Now you can lose 15lbs in 10 days by drinking three smoothies a day”. How many women would love to jump on that band wagon but how many will have lasting results? It’s impossible to expect anyone to live off smoothies the rest of their lives, yet hey whatever is quick and easy, I want that.

I am challenging all women to stand for something. Let’s stop making excuses as to why we can’t and begin looking for reasons as to why we can! For starters, our children our emulating everything we do and how important it is to set the example for them. How about setting the standard at our church or on our job? Instead of going along with what everyone else is doing why not be the different one.

Daily I’m confronted with women that run to comfort food because it’s all they know but does that make it right? If we’re supposed to be GOD’S Temple, why are we mistreating it and shortening our very existence with unhealthy food choices?

I try and offer solutions to my clients but daily I’m bombarded with excuses. Look at some of the responses and be honest with yourself, do any of these sound like you?

SOLUTION: Eat 4-5 small healthy meals daily for optimum results
EXCUSE: I can’t eat that much food
SOLUTION: Do some type of Cardio 5x per week for 30 min.
EXCUSE: I can’t sweat my hair out
SOLUTION: Do some type of weight training at gym or video 3x per week
EXCUSE: I don’t have the time
SOLUTION: Clean up your diet and cheat just once a week
EXCUSE: Clean eating is so boring though

I would like to believe that we are all solution driven but sadly most of us tend to fall on the negative side. Everything is not lost though. How many of us have heard a preacher say, “All it takes is ONE word from the Lord for change”? And today He is speaking to you!

There’s the potential inside all of us to fulfill that God given desire. If God allows you to think it, there’s the potential inside of you to accomplish it. YOU must BELIEVE! You must want it, because you deserve to feel good, be healthy and operate at the level that God has called you. Don’t limit yourself to excuses that lead to nowhere. The time is now for change. Take control of your health and begin to walk in the authority God has given you.

HIS WILL, “I would above all things that you prosper and BE IN HEALTH, even as your soul prospers. Let’s choose HIS will and say NO to the excuses.




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Joanna Pope

Joanna Pope is a columnist for our fitness and nutrition column "Total Women- From the inside out". She assists her husband at 'Life on the Horizon Ministries Church' in Orlando, Fl. She is a Certified Personal Trainer and Judge with the National Physique Committee. She went from being an overweight yo-yo dieter to fully breaking her sugar addiction from comfort foods and has become a Professional Fitness Champion. Her testimony of professing God's transforming word over her life, is what she eagerly shares with her readers. This newly emerged Joanna states "My goal is to inspire and motivate my readers to live a life that Glorifies God by taking care of His temple. Let the journey begin today!" Her column 'Total U' is amongst the many great columns here at Shulamite Women Online Magazine. Her readers gain first hand professional and biblical knowledge into how God reconstructs us from the inside out.

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