Pastors Stephen and Kellie White: Sheer Brilliance! *Premium*

Pastor Kellie White: When God saved me as an adolescent I knew God was positioning my life to be an example for others.  Growing up I found it challenging to fit in and yet be set apart.  Reflecting back that was the foundation of my ministry.  I realized others had similar struggles with identifying their place in life.  Kelliegryl Inc. which I founded was birthed because God has given me a passion to help others realize their unique place in the body of Christ. It was formed for the purpose of holistically motivating, educating, empowering and uplifting women of all ages and races.  Nursing is my professional occupation for over 20 years and I’ve drawn from my secular training and with what I have been empowered by God spiritually to minister to the total woman mind, body and soul.

My husband and I have been pastoring together for the last 8 years at United Nations Church Int’l of NY.  The ministry is dedicated to reaching the world for Jesus Christ and helping people identify their purpose.  While in ministry I began to identify the high rate of unhealthy marriages and high percentage of singles not following the Biblical principles as it relates to courting.  That’s when my marriage and relationship ministry was birthed as well as my book “Courtship, Doing It God’s Way, Guaranteed Success”.  Being married for over 21 years my husband and I work as a team assisting married couples to have successful marriages through coaching and sharing our experiences.

God has also given me a unique healing ministry using my nursing knowledge and personal experience to pray for the wellness of the Body. I recently completed a healing prayer CD entitled, “God My Healer”.  I know Him as a healer after witnessing my mother’s healing from ovarian cancer at the age of 12.  Currently I continue to believe God for my daughter’s healing from bilateral hearing impairment.

In closing I would encourage everyone that is reading this to just obey God and the Pastors that He has given you.  In 1 Samuel 15:22(NIV) it states; “To obey is better than sacrifice..” I realize that Obedience is the key to being Successful.  It wasn’t my career goal to pastor and work as I do in ministry but I obeyed my pastors and through obedience God has blessed me and my family. Being obedient often meant denying myself and going against my will which was difficult and inconvenient, but what I came to realize is that on the other side of obedience is rewards and blessings.

Pastor Stephen White: My wife and I pastor an awesome people @UNCI-NY in Springfield Gardens, NY. The people are growing and developing relationships with Jesus, bearing fruit, which we believe is key to total “life” success. The ministry serves as a place of empowerment for talents & gifts to manifest, as well to be cultivated in the presence of God.
Ministries @UNCI-NY: Men’s, Women’s, Youth/Young adults, Dance, Hospitality, Health & Wellbeing, Success / Financial Empowerment, Evangelism, Educational & Community Outreach and Assistance to name a few…
God uses the transparency of our situations to impact the lives of the people, just as much as the spoken word…He continues to open doors through our service to him!

When I was 12 yrs old, my family attended an R.W. Shambach tent revival in the Bronx, NY in the summer of 1982. During the service my dad said he’d been thinking for sometime of giving his life to God & tonight would be the night. He said if I wanted to go to the altar we could walk together. As the moment drew closer I remember being nervous, as I stepped out and walked to give my life to The Lord.

The Best decision I’ve ever made…My relationship with God grew daily, guiding me through the male teen years, young adult, single young man, college, career, marriage and today as a father, husband and friend. The call to Pastoral Leadership came as a result of obedience while serving my leaders Bishop Orrin & Dr Medina Pullings…Saying yes to God’s assignment has enriched my life like nothing else… Before the call…I was focused on growing as a leader, developing and leading teams to success with Fortune 50 Organizations such as Lowe’s Companies Inc. and The Home Depot Inc. I’d experienced multi – levels of promotion & sustained success over 20yrs with these organizations.

 Saying YES…is the key to SUCCESS! After nearly 20yrs of focused execution in business I was promoted to RVP, Regional Vice President. Wow, what a sense of accomplishment…two roles away from CEO!

Saying yes to Jesus and Kingdom assignment empowered me at the gate, the marketplace…Favor was upon my life, causing the work and results of my teams to stand out like Daniel and his friends…10X greater!

Its important how we see difficulties or challenges, I choose to see them as opportunities to stay above the line, think, act and lead courageously. Whether rebuilding membership, coaching or counseling, changing interior / exterior decor or finances to expand the vision, I’ve learned to remain positive and focused on the end goal – achieve the desired outcome. The Process has yielded strength, sharpened my ability to respond appropriately during adversity, creating an experiential mindset. In addition to Trust & Rely on God in a new way…

Sharing to encourage whether Ministry or Marketplace:
Three years ago (Sept 23rd, 2011) the organization i worked with for 9 years restructured. When the music stopped I no longer had a chair at the table. A severance Regional Vice President (RVP), I was angry, frustrated, and wounded.

How could someone who’d worked so hard, strategized and executed flawlessly, developed talent to exceed expectation, as well as built talent pools for future succession plans be left without a place?

Hmmm…Your guest is as good as mine…
My daughter, then 11 years old said, “Dad they’re going to regret it”
My wife of 21 years, hurt for me as well. She said, “How can this happen after the years of sacrifice, execution excellence and strong results, leading to your promotion to RVP 8 months earlier?” {In early 2012, after 8 months God blessed me to land with a Fortune 500 Organization where my talents and passion (Brilliance) can be realized, utilized and maximized toward sustained success.}

Excited to be back in the game I took to engaging my new team and partners to walk out the process to success in my new role and organization… Excited or Sad?
I was excited for the new, yet sad at the same-time because of the perceived setback…This quandary continued for sometime until reading “Shift Your Brilliance”…

In “Shift Your Brilliance” Simon T. Bailey shared his instinct to leave The Walt Disney Organization to follow his passion and SHIFT YOUR BRILLIANCE! It’s here I began to realize my brilliance was not locked in the organizational box when the music stopped playing that fated day in September 2011, but rather to thank God that I was PURGED from the system, the system of being bound to the notion that my success or brilliance can be defined by title or entity. I cannot be defined by things, titles or organizations, only by what I create in the environment and sustained impact. My ability to release and shift brilliance will empower growth and success in every area of focus.

Powerful, AHAH MOMENT…or as Simon says, Vuja De’ Moment…causing the future to come into existence…Now!
My Vuja De’ Moment has me focused on my passion and purpose to develop and empower individuals or groups to achieve success…
May 2014 – planned and executed, The Success Conference, (1st of many), leading the Collaboration Workshop…
July 2014 – Jesus Girl Summit, Speaker: Collaboration, Preparation & Impartation.

Feeling Alive…Looking for future opportunity to Shift My Brilliance…
Next Stop – World Impact…
You Shall Pursue And Recover All! You cannot be defined by your environment!
Never let Setback or Success for that matter, prevent you from doing the will of God…

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