Falling In Love With Jesus

 Have you ever asked yourself the question: What does falling in love mean?

Webster associates the word falling with being dropped, to comedown, flat, or being prostrate from a higher level.

As I began to ponder on these words, I inquired of the Holy Spirit and I started thinking of the goodness of God’s grace. I remembered how His love transformed my life with the words falling in Love. It began to permeate my essence and these attributes began to flow from my heart.  Here is the true revelation of Falling in Love with Jesus to me.

 I believe that we can utilize the words Falling in Love as an expression of devotion with the hope of becoming a significant part of someone’s heart or admiration.

To say I’m falling in love with you expresses that I am humbling myself, heart, and making it available to you. I believe that starts from a place or standard that I have secured my secret place. It’s my treasure box, my tapestry, my canopy, my dowry, a release from my well, and my alabaster box.

It takes a level of trust and a high standard of royalty to recognize my heartbeat. I consider it a precious commodity to protect and I hold my heart dear. It’s a place of treasury and it takes time to recognize the true quality of ones essence. It is an investment to the highest degree.

Fall is also a time of change and transition. It is a time to change the guards and the ebb and flow of the season.

In Ecclesiastics 3 it declares that, “to everything there is a season, a time for every purpose under the heavens.”

The word of God declares that, “we go from faith to faith, from glory to glory.” This emphasizes that the Father does not intend for us to stay stagnant in our lives. He wants us to walk with Him and in Him.

I believe that in any instance of change, it is absolutely necessary to reposition yourself.  To reposition is to truly evaluate, value, and step-up into your destiny and take on the new phase of change of life.

When you have fallen in love with Jesus change is imminent. What once seemed impossible suddenly becomes your reality. If you were to take inventory of your life, could you honestly say that you have fallen in love with Jesus?


As I Look Upon the Variations of Leaves:

Yellows, Browns, Oranges, And Greens Each Color to Embrace a New Time. The Facets of Its Glory, A Story Etched in Every Line and Veins of Purpose Reflecting Its Age. All the Lines Have Fallen into Pleasant Places.

When I Think of The Amazement of My Mighty King.

How He Fashioned Me, Molded Me, Upholded My Frame in Place.
Every Melody Is a Reflection of His Grace.

Upon His Symphony, Each Line Falls into Place.

Showering Me with His Songs of Deliverance

He Saturates Me for I Am His Lovely.

Now I Recognize Elohim Is in Love with Me

He Is acquainted With All My Ways. My High Priest, My ancient Of Days. He Is the Wholeness of Who I Am.

The Apple of His Eye, His Lovely, A Masterpiece Embraced by My Fathers Hand, Creating My Symphony.


Father in the mighty name of Jesus, I bless your holy name. You are faithful to your promises. Father thank you for loving me beyond what I see. You are watching over your word and perfecting that which concerns me. Allowing all my lines to fall into pleasant places and gracing me with a new mercy. In Jesus name, amen and so be it.

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