Dr. Victoria Michaels: The Power of Surrender, The Blessings of Obedience

As the daughter of pastors, she constantly heard that the hand of the Lord was upon her.  “I recognized my gift of the prophetic when I was a child, but I really didn’t know what it was,” shares Dr. Michaels.  So, like many other children, she admits, “I constantly rebelled against the Lord and being born again.” But when she finally surrendered, the end result was more than she ever imagined.  

God has called Dr. Victoria Michaels to be a prophetic voice to the nations, and for years, she has been serving God as pastor/prophet/preacher/teacher as well as an acclaimed author.  Her gift of music also has been used for God’s glory as a creative songwriter, awe-inspiring recording artist and passionate worshiper.  In a word, Dr. Michaels is a beautiful illustration of the fact that there is, indeed, power in surrendering to God, and that blessings really can be a by-product of obedience.

Dr. Michaels’ early aspirations were to cultivate her love for fashion design and music. This quest caused her to leave her native land and pursue an education that would allow her to do just that.  It was during that time, she says, that she had an encounter with the Lord.  “Jesus met with me,” she recalls, “and He allowed me to understand what it meant to have a relationship with Him.  He made it very clear that it’s not about religion; relationship is what matters.  He showed me that He loves me for who I am, and that my relationship with Him has nothing to do with perfection and what I’d done.  He just loved me as His daughter.”  And in that process, she says, “I fell in love with the Lord.”  This has been Dr. Michaels’ foundation for simply wanting to be in the presence of the Lord, to sing to Him and to write love songs to Him.

Dr. Michaels travels the world sharing what thus saith the Lord.  As it relates to the local body of Christ, God has given her a pastoral and apostolic assignment.  Part of that assignment required her to start a church in Baltimore, Maryland.  “My immediate response was, ‘Oh, no!  I’m not going there.  I’ve heard about all the crime and shootings there.’”  Nevertheless, she finally submitted, telling the Lord, “Where ever you want, I will go.”  Dr. Michaels headed to Baltimore with only $25.  God proved that obedience was better than sacrifice by supernaturally providing everything the church needed.  “Other pastors would (jokingly) ask us if we had robbed a bank or something.  I told them, ‘No. This is the favor of God,’” states Dr. Michaels.  “People were actually coming by asking if there was anything we needed.  ‘Can we pay your rent, do you need chairs?’”

The church continued in the work of the Lord: feeding 100-150 people every last Saturday of the month, giving them Bibles, and other acts of love.  In the midst of this, the Lord spoke while Dr. Michaels was in the Republic of Guinea.  “God told me He would provide a building and for me to come back the United States,” she says.  “I sowed a $1,000 seed and asked God to show me where the building was.”  She was finally led to a building that was once used for XXX-rated movies for 40 years.  “There was nothing good about this building.  People died in that building; all kinds of atrocities had been committed, and it had been abandoned for two years.”  What’s more, other churches had tried to occupy it, but the demonic spirits there would not give the building a break.  Amazed by God’s grace, Dr. Michaels testifies,

“With God all things are possible.  As long as you hear His voice and you’re willing to go whatever route He chooses to lead you on, you cannot fail.  Go with God.  The same building that was used to destroy life is now the same building wherein the presence of God is so tangible.  We experience uncommon miracles and deliverance.  People don’t want to leave because of God’s presence.  That’s what God can do.”  

In addition to Dr. Michaels’ use of her verbal gifting, she is also an accomplished author.  Her most recent book, I am My Father’s Daughter, was written specifically to help women. “The book is all about building up women; letting them know how important we are and that we are useful and all the responsibilities God has given us,” she states.  Her various travels made it clear to Dr. Michaels that this revelation has not always been recognized and embraced by many women.  “I’ve come across women from all walks of life, and many of them – while they may not look like it – struggled with an identity crisis.”  The fruit of the book is that men and women alike have been blessed by it. “I’ve seen men in tears who have expressed thanks for helping them to understand women better.”

With the characteristic of integrity being of great importance to Dr. Michaels, she offers a special challenge to today’s women of God to walk in it. “People are preaching the Word but are still lying; they’re still going around living a contrary lifestyle to the Word of God.  I believe this is so because they’ve not truly had an encounter with the Lord.  And God is requiring that we spend more time with Him.  We can’t expect miracles, signs and wonders after only spending five minutes with Him…we need days,” states Dr. Michaels.  “These types of actions only breed hypocrisy.  Why not adopt an attitude that says, ‘God, I refuse to be a hypocrite.’  I believe the reason there’s so much hypocrisy is because of fear.  People are more concerned about what people are going to say about them rather than what God will say.”

It’s clear that as long as Dr. Victoria Michaels has breath in her body, her main objective is to do that which pleases the Lord.  She’s totally surrendered, totally blessed.

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