Dr. Michelle Corral: Living, Moving, and Being “Chesed”…

When did you come to know the Lord as your personal Lord and Saviour, what was it like for you? It was Feb 17, 1971, I came to know the Lord Jesus Christ right before I turned 17 years of age, I had a complete conversion experience at an altar call given by my spiritual Father Ralph Wilkerson, Pastor of Melodyland Christian Center. At the time, it was the largest Christian center in the world and that is where I received Christ as my savior.  I had a 3 day weeping experience, it was definitely an experience of passing from life unto death and death unto life.

So you received Christ through this complete conversion experience, and then how did your ministry come into fruition?  This is why we need the Holy Spirit and why He is so desperately needed in our generation and why revival is so much needed. I was a product of a revival that was happening all around the nation with no man really being known in the revival, there were certain individuals that were called because it was the era right before the Charismatic Renewal, you might say Chuck Smith was used as an instrument, but actually it was called the Jesus Movement that took place in the early 70’s. The Jesus Movement was a supernatural move of God and by the mid-70’s– by the time Charismatic Renewal began–it was pretty much over. The Jesus Movement was a supernatural sweeping of the spirit of God across America to the 60’s generation. The Holy spirit scooped up those who had been a part of all the 60’s drug culture and Vietnam culture, and the 60’s movement. I happened to be one of those the Holy Spirit picked up, and I had a dramatic change. I was one that had never understood the Gospel, so that day changed my life radically and forever.  This is why we need revivals like the Welsh Revival, and the Azusa Revival, this move was like any other great revival in history.

Walking in the Supernatural Gifts of the Spirit: That happened almost immediately because my birth in Christ was Melodyland Christain Center and my Spiritual Father, Ralph Wilkerson, was the number one person who brought Kathryn Kuhlman to the West Coast, its documented all throughout history. Dr. Ralph Wilkerson invited her from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and initially she did not want to come but he sent his wife to get her and told her not to come back home without her, so Kathryn Kuhlman gave in and came. I actually am a disciple of Kathryn Kuhlman, truly there is no other human being that has ever lived on this earth, that I know of, since the age of the apostles that has affected  a generation to the impact of Kathryn Kuhlman, no one would ever understand what she did and the anointing that she carried.

Share with us on the Prophetic Ministry: The dimension of the Holy Spirit that was ingrained in me since 1971, and right around the 80’s I began to get thirsty for a deeper revelation of God’s word. One day I just could not get anything out of the commentaries I was reading–not that they are not equipped–but for what I was looking for they did not service. One day I asked the Lord to take me where I could find a deeper revelation of the word of God, and this is a true story, I got in my car and begin to drive and the Holy Spirit showed me exactly where to go. He said drive to Fairfax Boulevard in Los Angeles, and I did, and He showed me a Hebrew Bookstore and around the mid-80s I began studying the Hebrew Torah. Torah is the Hebrew interpretation of God’s word which leads you to a level of prophetic understanding.  

What is the prophetic and what is not? The Gift of Prophecy –any person can receive, when one is baptized in the spirit one is baptized in the Supernatural– and one of the signs is that your old men will dream dreams and your young men will see visions. This is a result of the submersion in the spirit through the baptism and the sign is not just speaking in tongues, but the bible states “If there is a prophet among you I myself will make myself known to him in a vision, I will speak to him in a dream”… dreams are very much a prophetic manifestation (1Cor:12). The Gift of Prophecy, however, is in no way shape or form, to be confused with the Office of Prophet and here is where we come into problems, because we have young believers thinking they are in an office because they have a gift, and so many are being led by a gift rather by the authority, and so what is lacking is the impartation given to us by the spirit of God in the 5 fold ministry.

What is “Chesed” your missions outreach? The missions work came from being near mother Theresa, I met her on 10 different ocassions in my life and she affected my life as much as Kathryn Kuhlman did, and these 2 women affected me more in my life than anyone else. This passion for missions work came from my meetings with Mother Theresa, and in 1991 I had the privilege of introducing Jan Crouch to Mother Theresa and in 1995 I had the privilege of introducing Benny Hinn to Mother Theresa.

What where some of the challenges you faced establishing your ministry?  This is the most important thing to men and women in ministry, Kathryn Kuhlman used to say “all you see is the white dress, but you don’t see the price that was paid”. So many people feel they are unsuccessful if they don’t have astronomical results all at once.  First and foremost, for myself, was the challenge of being a woman in ministry, after Kathryn Kuhlman there was a grace period but maybe 5-6 years after she passed, ministry became a mans worlds. Kathryn would say at times that she would have to work 10 times harder than most men in ministry just to be heard, but we should not be initimated by what the culture says we cannot do, or what society or the status quo says we should not do.

Closing Words: Every woman of God that is reading this Magazine, that feels the Call of God on their life, should say yes to the Lord, and not be intimated by the difficulty, not be intimidated by who backs them or who doesn’t, not be intimidated by their finances, not be initmated by their health or by anything but to go forward.

The greatest thing in your life that you can ever accomplish is being a Shulamite Woman in the eyes of God.

I had the priviledge of attending some events with Dr. Michelle Corral last month and can honestly say that I have been touched by the ministry she carries. Dr. Corral pours out so much of herself and on any given week she can be found teaching/preaching 6-7 times per week. Chesed, which is what she lives by, is the LOVE of God how He intended it to be expressed, not just in feeling, but in deed and action, and in going beyond the call of duty. This lesson is now forever etched in my heart and I thank God for the ascension gift that Dr. Corral is to the Body of Christ.  

Here is a recap of  Shulamite Women weekend at to Breath of the Spirit Ministries

Torah by the Sea  – Dr. Corral taught an inspiring and edifying message on “Chesed” – the Love of God.  

WayTV Telecast – Here we are broadcasting Live World-Wide coverage which was also translated into Arabic.
(Dr. Belinda John, Dr. Michelle Corral and Dr. Jospeh Nasralla)

SW Woman Weekend continued with The Word Network TV Recordings which aired on 8/18 and 8/25. You can view the recording here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TbOJKp-CO_4&list=UUR8rfdJlqVAh_wAdAhnR7ew

and Surprise Guest for the Shulamite Women Weekend – Ambassador Juanita Bynum


Dr. Corral has been active in ministry for over 41 years, 35 years in ministry plus 7 years of training prior, she leads a Center located in Yorba Linda, The Prophetic Word Center and 7 School of the Prophets throughout California, where they train believers to study the Word of God! More information can be found here: http://breathofthespirit.org/

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