Dr. Medina Pullings: A True Jesus Girl

SW: How did you come to know the Lord, meaning when did you surrender all to God? You’re bringing this really to such a tender spot, whenever you think about when you came to the Lord, you just become like putty in the master’s hand all over again . For me, I was not from one of those families that attended church faithfully, we attended intermittently, on holidays, and from time to time, but we did not come from the type of household that was dedicated to the Lord. I did not grow up in that type of household. My father was not there, he was on drugs and my mother raised  six children by herself. So, it’s quite different from my husband who is a fourth generation preacher. When I came to know the Lord I was a teenager, and I was just searching, and my mother was the first person to teach me about the Lord, even though our lives and our family lives, and I want to be careful how I say this to be sure that I am honoring her at the same time, but our lifestyles at home were not a reflection of a Christians, but she did take us to church every so often, and she did speak about the Lord, and it sparked something within me to inquire about the Lord.  I was at a crossroads, and realized that I was empty and that the only thing that could fill my tank was the Lord.  It was pretty funny, because I had such an appetite for God and wanted to know more about Him, and I found myself getting on the bus and going to Bible study, which was a rare thing, the church we attended was a Baptist Church, and Sundays pack out at least a thousand members, but there would only be about  5 people at Bible study. I remember one time, my mom called my aunt, we were living in the Bronx then and my aunt lived in Queens, and they came all the way from Queens to the Bible Study. Not because they wanted to attend, but because they wanted to spy on me, because my mom thought I was meeting some boy because she was thinking to herself, who in the world goes to Bible study? So at the age of sixteen, my relationship with the Lord began to blossom, that is when I actually gave my heart to him.

SW: The prophetic what is it and what is it not? The prophetic is to edify, to comfort, to exhort, to build up, it is speaking those things that are coming in the future, it is not houses and cars, but it is speaking the voice of the Lord, saying what God is saying. Not what you heard from someone else, or people going on the internet and finding out peoples information and then calling that out in service. There is a lot of that craziness going on now. I jotted something down the other day that just came to mind, that all those who are in ministry for all the wrong reasons need to repent and need to repent quickly. The prophetic is about bringing people closer to God and to what he is saying and sometimes he is saying death and destruction are on the way. So, it is not going in and gratifying the itching ears but going in and being that mouth piece to speak what Thus saith the Lord.  You can’t go in trying to be popular with people because there are times when God will have you to say things that is not necessarily what people want to hear, especially in these last days that we are in now when the love of many will wax cold. We have to be so careful, because we are in an era in time where the aim is to be popular with people or to gain the approval of mass audiences or mass appeal, and it’s fine on one end when you are looking for global evangelism or a great harvest of souls, but it cannot be at the compromise of the message. The method can change, but the message can’t!

SW: A Word for those who may be struggling with  bringing their ministry into fruition. It’s not going to happen until the set time, but in the meantime find yourself waiting on the Lord. How may I serve you? How may I please you? And giving your best self and in the fullness of time that ministry will come to pass. A baby born too early, like a baby born at 2 months old is not developed properly, it cannot survive. It’s impossible for that baby to live so  you must go through the entire delivery process. Try hard to please the Lord and try not to make it happen, refuse the counterfeit, refuse to try to make something appear to be what it is not already.  I’m not talking about not stepping out on faith, but I am talking about what you see today, you have people who have no leadership and no covering, who are like flying UFO’s, they are unidentifiable, because you are like, “Where did you come from? And who did you sit under?” and yet they just appear, and they can’t even answer “who is your pastor?” because they are not submitted to any authority.  Nowadays, it is so easy to take a flyer, put your face on it and put it on facebook, along with a label that you labeled yourself and there is no real substance.  Bypassing the process is just not worth it.

I thank God that he has some agents of change in the earth that will not compromise, that will preach the gospel, that will stand for righteousness and will stand in the truth and be sold out for God!




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