Dr. Cindy Trimm: Perceptions, Paradigms, and Purpose.

A lot has to do with perception. Your perception is forged and engineered by your paradigm, and your paradigm is forged by socialization, education, culturalization, and your constellation.

Dr. Cindy Trimm shares on the personal battles that helped to establish her in ministry. The greatest challenge, for me, was to allow the Holy Spirit to give me a paradigm shift and to be able to comprehend and understand the realm of the spirit. It all boils down to the greatest battle being fought internally, meaning mentally. You have culture, relationships, and people’s expectations and you have to navigate through them all and that navigation causes spiritual warfare. Spiritual warfare is the combination of all those things and the malevolent forces influencing those that we talked about and then choosing Gods will over the will of man, society, culture. Continuing to stay focused on the vision that God had for me was a challenge.

There are a lot of people that have a lot of ideas about how your life should go and they willingly and often without solicitation give you suggestions for your life. One of the things that I practice is this: if the person does not have the fruits they don’t have the proof that I need to embrace their suggestion. Scripture tells us you will know them by their fruit, and so my greatest personal challenge was to believe that God had a plan for my life that was bigger than anything I could ever contrive in my mind and in an unapologetic way, with conviction and biblical core values, move towards fulfilling purpose to maximize my potential, knowing that it was God that was giving me the inner prompting and his Holy Spirit that was leading me.

Dr. Trimm speaks on the Power of Prayer: I had to begin to understand either I was going to become a product of my environment and a victim of circumstance or fully embraced the Bible and what the Bible said about prayer. Your place of prayer is your place of power, it’s your place of healing, it’s your place of deliverance.  Prayer is less about what you want from God, and more about what He wants from you. It’s not a soliloquy, it’s a dialogue.

You have an opportunity to talk with the creator of the heaven and the earth. He knows the end from the beggining and everything in between so why try to outwit the infinite with your finite mind? I always say you learn to pray by praying. I hear people say that they want to learn how to pray, but you learn to pray by praying. I’ve been in the heat of battle and out of necessity and desperation I learned how to pray. Many people asked me to teach about prayer, so I began writing out prayers just to structure it for them and I found out people didn’t have stamina, and they didn’t have vocabulary.  So I understood that prayer was like a prism there’s not just one aspect to it—there are several aspects to it. The more I prayed the more I began to understand that this was my assignment, so the Lord gave me an opportunity to create a prayer library.

Rules of Engagement for Overcoming your Past: This a supplement to the rules of engagement for spiritual warfare. How to break free from guilt rejection, abuse, the orphan spirit, Dr-Cindy-Trimm-ShulamiteWomen2shame and it’s a quick read because so many people are really struggling. It’s one thing to give people tools, but it’s another thing to teach them how to use the tools! This book does both.

This is a how to book—helping people to overcome their past. In this book we talk about paradigms and renewing the mind, because as I mentioned earlier about paradigms, something happens when we have a renewal of the mind. I remembered the story of the prodigal son and his pigpen experience and I was thinking how all of us have a pigpen experience— it’s an ah ha moment, when the lights go on, and we are able to say I’m better than this and I will arise, I set the bar too low for my life, I’m reaching too low, my expectations are too low and my thinking is too small, and you just have that moment. To me it’s like the prayer of Jabez “enlarge my territory” and so when you walk around with unforgiveness and rejection and offense, it puts a lid on your life, and puts limits on how far you can go, and how much you can grow in the Lord. I love this book because it candidly deals with these issues and it gives you the tools and it also has the declarations that go along.

Commanding Your Morning Devotional:  People are not victim of circumstances but can download blessings from God the night before. Night, as I am refering to,  has Cindy-Trimm-ShulamiteWomen-1nothing to do with the hour on a clock and the darkness in a day, but darkness to me is ignorance and when you command your morning, your downloading success, prosperity, and strategies into your day the night before.

This is a supplement to the book commanding your morning, it’s a devotional for those who open up the bible and are not sure where to start, or the spiritually mature who may have some places in their life that maybe are not be as committed as they should be. So this helps one to get back into the routine of daily devotions. I wrote this book to give people what I call a microwave way of having your devotions in the morning, where you can easily get up in the morning, have your devotions, and jumpstart your day in 90 seconds. There are 365 devotionals and in about two minutes or less is the Scriptures for the day, the meditation for the day, and your declaration for the day.

Books can be purchased at www.cindytrimm.com .

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