Dr. Barbie Breathitt: Releasing His Breath

Prophetic Seer Realm
It’s exciting to be a part of what God is doing in these last days. The Lord tells us in His word that in the last days he is going to pour out His spirit upon all flesh. That means your saved and unsaved flesh, so God is giving dreams to people and he said that our sons and daughters would prophecy, our young men would have visions, and that our old men would dream dreams, so we see an acceleration in the spirit realm where the anointing is falling upon all people and He is drawing them unto himself.

I used to go to different schools of the prophet, because the prophetic gift is one of the most valuable gifts that there are.  It can produce and bring forth such wonderful fruit but it is also a gift that has to be highly trained in order to be disciplined, and know how to exhort, comfort, and edify and to also remain teachable and humble and to know to serve the people and draw people to Jesus and God and not to gather and draw them to themselves.

Hearing Gods Voice
Developing a relationship with the Holy Spirit, is vital, the Holy Spirit is not an “It” but a person, of the God head that guides us and teaches us and is always with us. He is someone who indwells us and is always with us, and his moods, his movements, his manners, his personality traits, is how he begins to lead and guide us so that we can achieve the highest and best in our lives. In doing so, we become a vital instrument in his hands.

The gates of Heaven have been open and the angelic realms have been open so we are in a season where we are not only knowing or hearing what he is doing but we are seeing. His word tells us  “Taste and See that the Lord is good”.    

So all the different aspects that God has placed in us, our five senses, God is now magnifying them and is turning  them into spiritual assets where we don’t just keep them in the natural realm, but to where He is enlightening us and moving us about the realm of spirit.  We live in most exciting times, and I am excited to what he is doing in women in ministry at this time.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

Angelic Visitations
 I just returned from Australia, and I got a report… you know a lot times when you are in the limelight people think that it is glamorous, but there is also the drawback of it,  and so just recently I had been dealing with stalkers, some individuals who are not mentally stable, and I was in Australia, and I was concerned about that and was praying and I said to the Lord, “ Lord, you need to handle this for me!”  And I walked in to the living room and there on the couch was this beautiful magnificent angel sitting there, it was awesome, but I was so awe-struck, that it struck fear into my heart to see how powerful this angel was and it also brought comfort because the Lord said to me  “You have no worries,  I have you covered and I’ve already sent this angel to stand guard for you”. 

Another time, when I had asked the Lord for protection, I was missing my brother who normally traveled with me and there was this motorcycle gang outside my door and they were revving up their engines and going back and forth and I was feeling scared when suddenly I saw an angel standing by my door that looked just my brother and he put his foot up against the door and I knew that all would be fine, so I just went to sleep.

Another time, my back was out of whack and I was in severe pain and about 2:40 in the morning my door opened and into the room walked an angel and he sat on my couch, he did not say anything or touch me but he brought such a healing power with him into the room and the next morning my back was healed.

Angels run interference for us and the angels pay attention and come in and step into a situation where the word of God has been spoken.  Angels are loosed through what we speak, declare, and release into our situations.

We are going to be the ministers of fire and we are going to know how to operate and how to move with the angelic realm, the hosts, the seraphims who are the flaming ones, and we are going to be the ministers that move with the passion of God, moving in the miraculous, moving in the supernatural, moving in the prophetic, beyond the veil to release the love and compassion of Jesus to hurting people.

The bride of Christ is being formed in the world today, those who have made themselves ready, those who have been sanctified and are clothed in the Righteousness of Jesus and they are living not in a form of godliness, but are demonstrating the Kingdom of God from within as God Himself is being made known to the world through His people.

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