Developing the Leader Within You

Paul spoke to the church in Philippians 2:12 and instructed them to work out their salvation with fear and trembling.

In order to grow, mature and develop, not only do you have to learn how to interpret and activate what you have received from others as it relates to the five-fold ministry gifts, you must learn how to develop the leader and the gift that is within you. If you remain dependent on other people to grow, you will not mature and experience the abundantly blessed life promised to us in the bible.

Although the 5-fold ministry gifts are designed to mature you, there is something within “you” that propels you to evolve into the leader you were born to be. You can be influenced, motivated, encouraged and taught by others but ultimately you are responsible for own success.

The leader within that I am referring to is not one who leads others but one who can lead oneself to becoming a person who is so rooted and grounded in the word of God that when the contrary winds blow you are not tossed to and fro with every wind of doctrine.

The days of depending solely on others to shape your paradigm are fading away. You must become the leader you are looking for. We are in a world where pseudo truth, relative truth and personal truth is rampant to the degree where people are turning the truth of God into a lie according to Romans 1:25.

If you are not rooted and grounded, you will be deceived. We are living in a time where you can go to church and receive very little to sustain you for what is happening in the world because so many ministries lack the power of God and are now evolving into places that are more contemporary rather than spiritual.

The leader within you must rise to a place:

  •  Of self-accountability.
  •  Where you live according to the word when no one is watching
  • Where you encourage yourself in the Lord
  • Where you can rebuke yourself
  • Where you live by conviction
  • Where you are able to stand alone for God
  • Where you can fight and win your battles
  • Where you can stand unmovable and unshakeable

There are seasons in your life where you will experience spiritual dryness, drought, storms, adversity, calamity, devastation and lack. You feel as if you are in a wilderness or prison, there isn’t a shoulder for you to lean on, and it seems like God is silent concerning your situation. Doors close and people abandon you. It is then that you must reach within the depth of your inner man, pull out the leader from within and lead yourself to victory.

We were all created to lead in the area of our personal lives, finances, family, purpose and talents so take control of your life and develop the leader within!

It’s time to bring out the real you – leaders with dominion that walk in power and authority.

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Dr. Elke Pettiford

Ordained as a pastor and prophet, Dr. Elke Pettiford's mission is to “Transform and Train people into Successful Living”. Her ministry as an armor-bearer, prophetic dancer, pastor and a prophetess has taken her around the world to such places as Africa, England, Canada, South America, Bermuda, USA and the Caribbean to speak a prophetic word into the foundations of ministries, cities, leaders and the lives of great women and men of God. Known for her prophetic counsel and accuracy, Dr. Elke functions in the five fold ministry gifts with a prophetic mantle. The word of God flows out of her belly like rivers of living water. Dr Elke is a graduate of both Friends International Christian University with a doctorate degree in Ministry and Kingdom University. The latter being the greatest. She is a firm believer that nothing leaves heaven until something leaves earth by way of prayer. She stands rooted and grounded on the Word of God. A servant leader and mentor she is a woman with a desire to see people become the living word. She strongly believes that “Your character will sustain you where your gift can never take you”.

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