Debra Price: Ask, Seek, Knock

I was in church but didn’t feel I could really turn to anyone because the leaders I did turn to were all going through it themselves. I really had to search my heart and build a relationship with my heavenly Father. I learned so much about His love for me; and that I was not created to carry the false burdens of all that I had taken on.

SW: Tell us about your ministry?

As I examine the tests that had been placed in my life, I found myself dealing with depression, low self-esteem, anger, bitterness, feeling lost, divorce, death of a child, unforgiveness in my heart, and living in a shelter for battered women (essentially homeless). It took me some time to heal from all this.

I now understand who I am in Him (DADDY GOD) and how He had a plan for my life– to reach out to His beloved daughters, my sisters, and share His love for them. I truly desire to encourage, empower, and inspire females; letting the sisters of this world know that they are valuable, loveable, and a work of art. I choose to uplift and edify. I pray that each woman who hears me will begin to feel loved, then turn around, and share that love with others. Our ministry helps hurting, battered, embittered, and confused young women uncover their inner beauty, confidence, and strengths.

SW: How did this call come to fruition in your life?

I minister through anointed songs that the HOLY SPIRIT downloads into me. Songs just started flooding my mind. I find that music has a deep impact on people. It reaches out and fills them with a sense of Godly love. It is important that we give back to others in some way. My Husband T-won Price and I, team up with Extended Hands Alliance LLC (EHA), each Sunday morning whenever we are in Alabama. We come together and share our gifts with the homeless at downtown Linn Park in Birmingham, AL. The entire team gives 100% service through praise and worship, prayer, and there is always an anointed sermon.

I have found that spending time with people who are going through challenges helps take your mind off what you may be experiencing at the time; it is a blessing when you choose to focus on helping someone else. Whether it be planting a seed, volunteering your natural ability, or demonstrating love, acts of kindness, and faith. I thank GOD for each opportunity and the EHA group for allowing us to join the team.

SW: Share some of the difficulties and challenges you faced establishing this ministry?

The challenges that exist when reaching young girls and women come from making sure your efforts are really getting through to them, especially the teens and twenty something age groups. There are so many who are confused. I really pray that I am making an impact, so that they know there is no need to “wild out” because they are precious jewels.

SW: Share a word of encouragement for others who might be facing similar difficulties:

Regardless of what you may be going through, know that the Creator of this world has a purpose and a plan for your life (Jeremiah 29:11). He said Ask, Seek, and Knock; Ask the Holy Spirit for help and listen for guidance:

“Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock and it shall be opened unto you:”
Matt. 7:7

Remember FATHER GOD gives us the wisdom to get wealth… (Deu.8:18). We were never called to chase money we are to follow CHRIST and seek the Kingdom of Heaven (Matt6:33).

SW: Any closing words you’d like to share with our audience?

Thank you for taking the time to hear me, and thank you Dr. Belinda John, as well as SW Magazine, for this wonderful opportunity to share my final words:

From my heart, please do not give up on yourself. There is greatness inside of you and forever remember our Daddy GOD loves you so much that HE sent YESHUA our MESSIAH for you and me.

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