Crystal Willingham: God Loves All of Me

G.L.A.M. International is a motivational and inspirational ministry for women. Our goal is to coach and mentor women into the next phase of life; whether they be single, married and/or empty nesters.

I founded G.L.A.M. (God Loves All Of Me) International during a fragile time, when my life was being changed through the process of divorce. As a result of this processing, I realized that we often times go through life’s changes without fully discovering what we are changing from and why we need to embrace these transformational moments.

During these transitional times, women tackle a myriad of issues which affect them both mentally and emotionally. Finding an equilibrium point is critical during these changes, so that one doesn’t lose their rhythm. Embracing these changes inwardly while still pursuing careers, education, starting businesses, building ministries, or just plain moving forward in life, is a balancing act all in itself, and requires faith and patience in the process, and in the God of the process.

What I realized is that we don’t have to pursue “big dreams” in order to make a difference. Once you discover and love who you are and spread that love all around you, you can impact others lives in deep and meaningful ways.

Discovering all of the aspects of who you are and allowing them all to manifest at different levels throughout the rest of your life is true fulfillment. God loves everything about you.

One of the most difficult hurdles to overcome in this ministry is unity. It is very hard to get women to embrace each other’s victories and flaws without trying to outdo one another. Competitiveness, I believe, is the biggest challenge in ministering to women. I stand firm in my belief that we can ALL be an asset to the Kingdom of God, present a unified front to the enemy, and win souls for the Kingdom of God.

A word of encouragement to those reading: Keep going no matter what! You will face life challenges as you pursue your God-given dreams for yourself, your family, and the Kingdom… but don’t give up. God never promised us an unchallenged or tear-free life. He did, however, promise to never leave us nor forsake us. He promised to answer us when we call on Him. His word says the name of the Lord is a strong tower, we can run into it and be safe.

He’s given us the five fold ministry gifts of the apostle, prophet, evangelist, pastor, and teacher for our growth and progress. Utilize your local assembly, go to church, attend bible study, be involved with your church and your community. Love God, love yourself, and love your neighbor. You only get one life to live here on planet earth and that life is rewarded by God our Father in eternity. Empty your gifts, don’t hoard them, and live the life God has for you through them.

Share the love of God wherever you go. You don’t need a pulpit, platform, microphone, or fame. Whatever your hands, body and voice is gifted to do, use them for his glory.

Sing, paint, write, dance, cook, sew, produce, play, and be creative. In doing these things, God will use you to preach the gospel in ways you have yet to dream of. The benefits of a Kingdom life never ends.

Crystal Willingham is the radio host of G.L.A.M. Network Radio.


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