Confidence: I’m No Grasshopper

Have you ever questioned yourself on the inside and found your internal thoughts spilling over to the outside?

“What did you say? Are you talking to me? I can’t do that, but I know someone who can! I just can’t see myself doing this”. Internal thoughts, wheel spinning questions, and wavering between confidence and timidity can blind anyone from seeing themselves as God sees them.

Have you ever questioned yourself on the inside and found your internal thoughts spilling over to the outside? Perhaps you, or the woman down the street has encountered self-doubt, or low self-esteem to some degree, after being charged to do something that seems impossible and out of your comfort zone. I know I have! Take a deep breath because you are not alone. Often times, we look in a mirror that seems to magnifying all the blemishes, flaws, mistakes, and handicaps we possess. While staring at the reflection, we become frozen, complacent, and lazy, allowing these things to be bigger than our ultimate Help (Holy Spirit). We magnify our shortcomings over the victories we’ve won, our lack thereof over the limitless possibilities, and our cannot(s) over our confidence in God.  The heart within your chest cavity has eyes, but it’s up to you to see what God sees, and decide to possess what He says is yours.

Your Promise
The children of Israel are God’s chosen people and they are known as the seed of Abraham (a father of many nations). God especially loved them. As Abraham’s seed, He promised them ownership of a land called Canaan, a wealthy place, which overflowed with milk and honey.  A covenant and precious promise was established, between God, Abraham, and Abraham’s seed. He wanted His children to own, rule, and reign over that region. However, due to squatters being in the land, the Israelites couldn’t be lazy, nor complacent. Instead, if they wanted what God promised, they had to fight for it.

Your Perspective
Now after 12 Israelite leaders were chosen, they did what I call an “open house” of the land, to spy it out and come back with a report, to the chief leader, which was Moses.  Once they saw the land, they brought back huge grapes as proof of where they had been, but the reflection of how they saw themselves on the inside began to spill over to the outside. Instead of having God-confidence, 10 of the leaders saw themselves as grasshoppers in their enemy’s eyes, as well as their own. Two of the leaders saw themselves as courageous and confident enough to conquer the land. This caused some conflict in the camp, and the minority encouraged everyone else, including the chief leader, that they were well able to take possession of the land.

Research shows that 98 percent of people die before fulfilling their dream, while the other 2 percent fulfill their dreams before dying.

Let’s pause right here. Take a good look in a mirror and do a self-check.  Keep looking.  Don’t shy away from what you see, but be honest so you can be free. Are you a part of the 98 percent, or the 2 percent?

Do you currently see yourself as the 10 who identified themselves as grasshoppers, or do you see yourself as the two who trusted in the true and living God? Guess what! We all have moments of feeling like a grasshopper. Hopping between two conflicting opinions about ourselves and even about what others think of us. If a grasshopper can use its hind legs to take long jumps and its wings to fly, then so can you! I encourage you to change your perspective. God has given you hinds feet as a deer, and wings like an eagle so you can soar and possess all God has promised you.

Your Possession
It’s yours my sister! The promises of God belong to you and they are yes and amen, according to II Corinthians 1:20. You are affirmed as a CONFIDENT woman of God. You were not built to rely on yourself, but you were built to put your trust in God. When He says the house is yours, the promotion is yours, the real estate is yours, the business is yours, the car is yours, that is what He means! When you hear the words you are confident, courageous, changed, loveable, faithful, righteous, a business owner, a wife, a good mother/spiritual mother, and more than a conqueror, embrace it! You are no grasshopper, but you are a confident woman who owns the grass. So, look again in the mirror, possess your land, then rule and reign. Be CONFIDENT!

Mirror Reflections:

  • Numbers 13:1-33 KJV
  • Isaiah 40: 29-31 KJV
  • Psalm 18:33 KJV
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