Battlefield Ready: Warring With Expectation

After receiving further revelation on my purpose, my calling–as a writer and career in the film Industry–I prayed and I fasted for further clarification on how I would begin this undertaking. Breaking into the film industry is like trying to become a secret operative… you are chosen. Most of the time it is about who you know or clamoring for an opportunity to show what you’ve got.

So, I placed it in God’s hands because He chose me to walk in this field, to be a light while building relationships and fulfilling the vision He laid before me. I knew He had a plan. Turning to the word, I found myself meditating on a few scriptures: Proverbs 3:5-6, Matthew 5:16, and John 15:16, to help keep my thoughts on thoughts higher than my own.

The one scripture that repeatedly stuck out to me was:

“You must regularly ask and it will be given to you,
you must continually seek and you will find,
you must knock habitually and it will be opened to you.”
–Matthew 7:7 ONM (One New Man)

This scripture meant warring on behalf of my purpose, and because I kept at it, I received further direction. I kept asking questions, with an expectation of God answering. I kept researching and learning, because faith without works is dead. I continued knowing that in doing so, I would be calling into existence those things that are not as though they were. I activated my faith. Every opportunity I saw where I could possibly move forward I knocked, I inquired until the door opened. Persistence is key.

God Answers:
My sister and I had a discussion that led to a connection with a cousin who was already in the entertainment industry. During my prayer time I kept hearing, “ask and you shall receive,” over and over again, then my cousin’s name dropped into my spirit so I began to pray for him. Suddenly, “ask and you shall receive” got so loud that I stopped praying and sent him a Facebook message. I kid you not, a minute didn’t even go by before he sent me his number. We talked. He gave me the information I was seeking for two weeks in under 10 minutes; he even went a step further by offering to help me get on film sets in Atlanta and LA. I praised God because if it was not for Him, this would not have taken place.

I must remind you why it is important to war on the behalf of your purpose. The enemy’s main goal is to steal, kill, and destroy. He does not want us to obtain an understanding for God’s purpose in our lives, and he especially does not want us to receive knowledge of our purpose here in the earth–let alone walk in it.

Be Like Jesus
I remembered telling my cousin, “Ok, I am ready whenever you are… let’s do this… just let me know when and where.” I was so caught up in the excitement of receiving what I was seeking that I forgot the most important thing- God’s timing is perfect. Just because I received the information I was looking for did not mean that I should immediately jump on a plane and go. God had been telling me to get ready, it just was not at “that” moment. You see, I should have immediately inquired of God what my next steps would be. Rushing into an opportunity like this without the direction and wisdom of God could have left me open for an attack, filled with tricks and schemes from the enemy. So, I repented, because I did not seek His Kingdom for direction. I repented, because I wanted forgiveness and for Abba to teach me more about my purpose in this field, as well as the importance of me waiting on His perfect timing. I want to be certain that I am operating in the Kingdom of God, in such a way, that it is “glory to glory”. God reminded me that to live a “glory to glory” filled life I must look to His son, Jesus, as my example.

So, I did. Whenever Jesus completed an assignment he went to the mountain, to the secret place to rest in the Father, to lay at His feet, to pray and inquire of His will. By doing so he insured the outcome would bring glory to the Kingdom of God. And so shall I.

So Now What?

  • I am writing (3-4 projects)
  • I was made the Publishing Editor of Shulamite Women Magazine in July
  • I have been blessed with an internship in the entertainment industry
  • I am learning more about screen writing, utilizing the information that was given, and learning more as I speak with individuals who are already in the business
  • I am glad I serve a faithful God! I am obtaining wisdom and revelation, praying with the expectation of hearing God say, “you’re ready Jasmine, now go.”
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Jasmine Randle

I remember telling my sisters and my mom, "don't be surprised if I show up one day with a book in my hand with my name on it." Not knowing what I spoke over myself back then would have such an impact on my life today. Writing and Editing is not something that I stumbled upon, it has always been a part of me. I tried different careers, but they never worked out, for God always led me back to writing and editing, and did it in a way that I had to laugh and thank Him. So, I gladly walk the path He has chosen for me to operate, live and walk in. I believe that writing for Shulamite Women Magazine, is a part of the journey God has me on and that one day I will stand in front of my sisters and mom with a book in my hand with my name on it.

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