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Joanna Pope is a columnist for our fitness and nutrition column "Total Women- From the inside out". She assists her husband at 'Life on the Horizon Ministries Church' in Orlando, Fl. She is a Certified Personal Trainer and Judge with the National Physique Committee. She went from being an overweight yo-yo dieter to fully breaking her sugar addiction from comfort foods and has become a Professional Fitness Champion. Her testimony of professing God's transforming word over her life, is what she eagerly shares with her readers. This newly emerged Joanna states "My goal is to inspire and motivate my readers to live a life that Glorifies God by taking care of His temple. Let the journey begin today!" Her column 'Total U' is amongst the many great columns here at Shulamite Women Online Magazine. Her readers gain first hand professional and biblical knowledge into how God reconstructs us from the inside out.

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