Coping after a Spiritual Storm

The Definition of a Storm in the Webster dictionary is a Disturbance in the atmosphere, a commotion, the abnormal. In the past couple of years because of the slumping economy, the failing Stock Market and other worldly issues our lives have been like a Category 5 hurricane, everything is out of control

Because problems come from every angle and are sometimes unforeseen, we can find ourselves, at times, overwhelmed and may even lose the ability to function as a result of the impact. Some issues affect us to a degree that we may need to rearrange our lives just to cope daily. These abnormal circumstances which we are not accustomed to are the “storms” of life. 

We reach a point where we begin to question God, and wonder if he is really there, and what was question what we may have done to cause these things to happen.
We ask, “Why me, Lord?” 

When experiencing spiritual storms there may be no warnings, such as we have when there is an actual hurricane or a tornado. During those events, we have “Breaking News” to warn us, so that we are adequetly prepared and can take shelter or whatever other appropriate measures may be necessary. So, during natural disasters, we have the opportunity to prepare in advance for the worst. However, no one comes on TV during a Spiritual storm and says look out you are about to lose all of your kids at the same time, your wife is getting ready to battle with Cancer, you are about to get shot and lose one of your legs. We are not warned about those things beforehand, therefore we are not prepared for them when they occur. That’s why it is so important to build a solid foundation by staying in prayer and getting to know God on a personal level, to strengthen yourself spiritually and emotionally. Because if your foundation is strong, then after the storm it will be that much easier to rebuild.

When going through a spiritual storm, we are being shed of some things, and some mindsets, and we have the opportunity to become renewed again. But notice that all of the storms, big or little, that we go through only make us stronger and help to build our Faith. When we experience these storms, the reason may not be that we have done something wrong, it may be an attack from Satan, he normally comes around when God is getting ready to promote us to another next level. He’s there to do his job and try to block your blessings. It could also be God trying to get your attention. He’s wanting you to lean on him and him only. He wants the Glory so when you come out of the storm, you’ll know who brought you out of it. What we do during a storm determines how we come out of the storm. 

As we come out of huge storms, we began to notice that slowly things begin changing for the better; perhaps those so called friends with ill intentions suddenly move away, or we lack the desire of old habits which meant us no good in the first place. 

We may not all possess the same kind of Faith that Job had, but with the faith that we do have, we can begin rebuilding our lives. Ask God to give you His strength. Start decreeing and declaring and watch the Power of God begin to move in your life and in your family lives as well.

Our God is an Awesome God and there is none like him in all the earth or the universe. Always remember that God will never put more on us than we can bare.

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Wanda White

Wanda is Co-pastor of International House of Prayer, located in Shreveport, Louisiana, where she and her husband minister together. Her passion includes women's ministry and her Women's Group called 'United Support System' meets monthly to discuss some of the tougher issues today's women deal with. "We commit ourselves to all women to help grow our faith, affirm our gifts, support one another in our callings, engage in ministry and promote healing and wholeness to the body of Christ, society, and the world as a whole." She is a contributing writer to the Shulamite Women's Online Magazine column "The Deeper Issues" where she delves into the many deep issues affecting the souls of today's women. With a tacticall, no holds barred approach, she uncovers and exposes many of the hidden things that hinder our growth, as women of faith. As deep calls unto deep, this column is not only for the beliver who is striving for more, but for the believer who is striving for ALL....

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