Apostle Kimberly Holmes: Handle Yourself with God’s Truth

Healing House is a young ministry that has been in operation for the past six years and counting. Healing House Ministries is a body of believers called for spiritual warfare. This ministry is rooted and grounded in intercessory prayer, praise & worship, the love we have for each other, and the Word of God. We are fortunate to have leaders who believe in maintaining a true walk with the Holy Ghost. Our young, up and coming leaders are developing their callings and learning how to trust God. Support among us is vital and unconditional love is the common thread that continues to bind us together. We love to shower our heavenly Father with sacrifices of praise and our aim is to please God, as we endeavor to walk by faith and not by sight.

The cookies and red juice
The call of God came to fruition in my life when I said “yes” to God, at the age of eight. As a child, there was a Latin-American family who lived down the street, on the same block as my mother’s house. They hosted a bible club on Saturdays around noon. The cookies and red juice they served for attending enticed the children. As time passed some of my friends started to attend. I met with a friend one day and immediately noticed her sister holding a napkin. The napkin, filled with butter cookies in one hand and a cup of fruit punch in the other. I asked her, “where did you get the juice and cookies from?” The story unfolds. I went home and asked my older brother and my very good buddy (sometimes), if he would join me the following Saturday, so we could get some cookies and juice. That Saturday we found ourselves in the living room of strangers’ home learning Christian children’s songs and listening to stories from the bible. Our assignment each week was to read and memorize one scripture verse. My brother and I competed against each other to see who could learn the most verses. I was having so much fun learning that I won the competition- I won my first bible! My bible was entitled, “The Peanuts Club New Testament Bible.”  My brother had also won a bible.

I remember feeling so satisfied when spending quiet time reading my new bible, pretending to preach to a congregation and playing school. I really never needed to be part of a group in order to feel fulfilled. As I think back, I see myself as an eight-year-old kneeling down on my bedroom floor talking to God. I asked Him to save me because I wanted to be “just like Jesus.” I read the very first bible verse I ever learned (John 3:16) and asked Jesus into my heart. I didn’t feel different, but I believed that I was saved.

One abortion and two children later
Let’s fast forward to life after I graduated college, one abortion and two children later. On the day I turned twenty-five, I was saying “I do” to the father of my children. He was and is the love of my life. Unfortunately, he was also addicted to drugs. He became a functioning addict by that time and was skilled at masking it. His drug addiction lasted 14 years of what became 30 years of marriage, 5 children, and 6 years of Pastoring Gods’ people together. So, hold on women of God! Trust the process, God’s got you.

Months before we were married I began to reflect on my life and on the decisions I had made up until that point. I became something I vowed I would never become– a statistic. I was a young black woman with two children out of wedlock, a college degree and no job, still living with my mom and no husband, but a live-in boyfriend. I was beating myself up and started realizing I needed Jesus more than ever. However, this is what turned me back to God, I began thinking about how good He had been to me despite all the wrong decisions I made. For example, I was a new mom with a newborn boy who couldn’t come home with me because he had been diagnosed with infantile glaucoma. The doctors told me that I would not be taking my son home and that it was necessary for them to do major surgery on both of his eyes. He had a 50/50 chance of being blind. I was so afraid of what could’ve happened. I lost it! I didn’t know anything else to do but cry like a baby. After I got home my dad started making phone calls, asking family and friends to pray. After he finished talking to one of my aunts he said to me, “Don’t worry about a thing because everything is going to be alright.” He said, “I got everybody who can reach heaven sending up timber (prayers for my son).” I believed my father’s comforting words. At two weeks old my newborn underwent surgery on both his eyes. God allowed for the best surgeon, of that time, to take his case at Bascom Palmer. The surgery was a success. Hallelujah! God’s grace prevailed.

I got real with myself “How could I not serve this good God for the rest of my life?”

I promised God at that moment that no matter what I had to go through I was willing to do it if I had him with me and in me. I have kept my promise for the last 30 years.

Be encouraged
Be encouraged.  Even when things look like God has not heard your prayer; know that he has heard and has already answered. The believer believes God anyway. Thus, their mouth’s will speak because they believe, not because they see.

Never hold God’s people hostage to what you think is right. Always trust the fact that God is the master builder of His church. If He doesn’t build it, it won’t get built by your hands and last the test of time.

God’s truth
As Healing House Ministries continues to develop, we face the challenge of staying aware and focused on the assignment our Heavenly Father has given us for the body of Christ. We wrestle to remain unapologetic for not “looking like” and “sounding like” any another part of the body. Yes, we must all be in agreement with the Spirit of God because there is only one Spirit, yet we must keep in mind that there are many gifts in the body of Christ.

Another challenge we face exists when exercising restrain from drawing conclusions on matters prematurely. Staying prayerful and trusting God to develop his sheep while we tend to them as shepherds is important. We do not want to be stumbling blocks to God’s people. They are God’s fruit. If we as leaders mishandle or even drop any one of them the fruit is liable to get bruised. We must handle God’s people, including ourselves (Shulamite Women), with God’s truth. His grace, his mercy, and agape love abounds.

The last challenge, for me, is agreeing with my husband on certain issues. For example, there may be a Sunday where I am led by the Holy Spirit to have communion. I share that with him, he might say, “we should hold off until the following Sunday.” In my mind I’m arguing, but I reply “okay” to him verbally. I am learning to relax and trust the Lord to bring us on one accord. Women of God, agreement between ourselves and our husbands is necessary in the kingdom of God. If we are trying to force our agenda, our platform, or our vision on our husbands then we need to fall back. Remain prayerful with a pure heart and allow God to “bring it” to pass. He sees and knows all things.

Our Foundation Scriptures:

John 21:17

Ephesians 1: 17-23

Ephesians 2:19,22

Ephesians 3: 14-21

I Corinthians 13:4-8

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