Angela Primm: Sing Until “God” is Finished

“If I had to experience death, it would not be because I wasn’t trying to live.”

Shualmite Women Magazine 1:1 Spotlight Interview with Angela Primm

Born to sing
Doctors told Angela Primm’s mother that she had cancer. Aggressive chemotherapy treatments followed her diagnosis. Soon after, she found out that what the doctors diagnosed as cancer was in fact a baby. Doctors urged Angela’s mother to end her pregnancy, but she refused. She said, “If I had to experience death, it would not be because I wasn’t trying to live.” On the day Angela came into this world and released the first holler, her mother knew that she was born to sing- as God had promised.

At 10 years old Angela started singing with her mother and hated it. Married by the age of 18, to someone in the military, Angela continued to sing in military churches and chapels. Her singing would uplift people. She was helping with community churches at the time and believed the purpose of her gift was to bless others, wherever she was. Her singing was not intended for the music industry. But, later discovered that she could earn a living singing at a studio in Nashville.

3 minute whooping over a 3 hour prayer
“I was always a church singer who loved the Lord,” Angela recalls. Aside from being sheltered by her mother, Angela also feared God. The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. There were times when her mother would call her out for singing a song too cheeky. As a result, Angela had to undergo periods of deep prayer and repentance. She admits that she preferred a 3 minute whooping over a 3 hour prayer. Years later, Angela realized that people didn’t mean what they sing. The Gospel music industry shocked her because she was a revivalist singer. Don’t get it twisted, “the industry is not church just because the word Gospel is in front of it. It is the Gospel according to the industry not the Gospel according to the Lord Jesus Christ.” 

“I learned to sing until God was finished. It was important that the last person received their blessing, at the altar.”

Angela witnessed people in the gospel music industry go right back to sin as soon and their performances were over. She shares with us a story about a time when a prominent Bishop asked for her hotel room number. A fellow sister from a group that she was in, at the time, interjected and told the Bishop, “No, Angela is really saved.” The Bishop responded by saying, “all I wanted to do was lick those freckles off her face.”

The enemy knows your talent and will do everything in his power to pervert it. In her own words “God is not impressed by our talents because he gave them to us; what impresses God is our heart”.

To work on improving your heart and your walk with the Lord is far more important than improving your talent.

The enemy set his sights on Angela’s marriage. Her ex-husband engaged another woman and they became pregnant. This happened while Angela and her husband were still married and living together. Angela quickly realized that she had to make a move because her husband was sincere about getting rid of her. She never saw the divorce coming. She had no job because she had become comfortable with being a wife. After facing the difficulty of her divorce she had a great difficulty to face–she had to figure out who she was.

The thought of moving back to Indianapolis, from Nashville preoccupied her thoughts daily. Finally, Angela told her employer who was able to offer her a start, as background vocalist, with the television show Bobby Jones Gospel. God has used her in other ways too. When she looks back, Ms. Primm taught, sang, preached and traveled all over the world with Bill Gaither. He is still her boss to this day. Angela said, “my life is so surrendered to the Lord that I am afraid to call myself anything because I don’t know what He is going to do, from time to time.” Working with the Gaither family since 1986 has become her profession. In 2012, Bill Gaither asked her to go on the road as a solo artist, but Angela did not comprehend. She was so accustomed with being a background vocalist that it took her a while to understand his request.

Something had to give
She started to call her local churches, after many years of travelling, to help-out. They all rejected her. “Some said, ‘No, no Angie you are way too deep for our church.’ They didn’t mind the singing, but the talk about fasting and praying was a bit too much. She said, “God if I cannot help the churches in my hometown then what am I to do?” Something had to give! Finally, after 6 months of petitioning God about what she was doing that shut these doors, Angela received a call. The man on the other end had a Norwegian accent.

He asked, “Is this Angela Primm?”

“Yes,” she replied.

From there he explained that he was a promoter in Norway who had done over 600 concerts with Jesse Dixon.

He asked, “since Mr. Dixon’s demise, would you continue his concerts with the local churches in Norway?”

Angela replied, “I’d love to!”

She thanked God as she sat in that church in Norway. God said to her, “you asked me to allow you to sing in local churches, but you did not say where.” Now, every year for 1-month Angela goes to local churches in Norway to teach the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Sound advice
  • ~ “Seek the applauds of the Holy Spirit versus the applauds of man.”
  • ~ “There is no pit too deep that God’s love is not deeper still.”
  • ~ “Do not allow idle time to accumulate. Study God! Know what He wants you to do today.”
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