Alice J. Jones: A Paragon of Moral Excellence

Although, Alice J. Jones now stands in the office of an Apostolic Prophet for the Worship Assembly of Indianapolis and heads up Alice J. Jones Ministries, the earlier periods of her life,  which included growing up in numerous foster-homes, neglect, abuse and a marred self-image, drove her to the point of contemplating suicide.  In despair, she determined to not only take her own life, but also her children’s lives. She discloses how having been dragged from foster-home to foster-home, the pains of longing for a normal family, and 2 failed marriages all left her soul in such a fragmented state, that she honestly believed she could put an end to the pain and agony. BUT GOD had different plans!

The Love of The Father Heals
While in this broken state, a Christian woman ministered the Gospel to Alice, and she recalls feeling how the love of Christ began to fill the voids in her innermost parts; mainly the love and acceptance that she so desperately longed for. Her hopelessness turned into expectation and as a result, she began serving faithfully at her local church. While still in her healing process, the Lord brought her husband, the one HE had designated for her– an ordained Bishop– into her church and continued to fulfill His promises in her life.  

The transitions however, were not overnight. She shares with us that in the beginning of this marriage there were many residual things of her past which needed to be extracted.  Alice shared how at times she would have fits of anger and rage, which she did not understand. She recalls how on one occasion the Lord directed her to go sit at her husband’s feet, lay her head in his lap and ask him to pray for her. She immediately understood why God had placed this man in her life. As she laid there a comforting repose began to repair her and a love she had never known began to flow through her.

What a wonderful expression of God’s unyielding love and passion for his children, although she had not known what it was like to have an abundantly blessed life as a child, Alice looks back now and marvels at the faithfulness of God in her life:

“Despite the many failures of my past…I have gone on to accomplish some tremendous work for the Lord. With no formal education or training….I have written books and songs, produced CD’s… founded and currently leading 2 ministries…traveled extensively internationally, produced and hosted radio programs….and after 2 divorces, I have had the joy of a loving and richly blessed marriage of 28yrs…!!! To God be all the Glory…my testimony is Hosea 2:14,15”

14 Therefore I am now going to allure her; I will lead her into the wilderness and speak tenderly to her. 15 There I will give her back her vineyards, and will make the Valley of Achor  a door of hope. There she will respond as in the days of her youth, as in the day she came up out of Egypt.


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